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Wow, that's a tought one. Uuuummm I think you could just either ignore him or her back, give them a taste of their own medicine if they talk to you or you can give them a letter saying piss off or something Hes doing that to deliberatly hurt you. It takes alot of energy to ignore a person, so if he really didnt care he would talk to you normal. Hes a loser and spitefull. This one is really simple, despite it's apparent complexity. If it bothers you, and you can't find a way to make it not bother you, you go work some place else. There are lots of reasons to leave a job - lack of opportunity, a poor financial outlook, a better offer comes along. This reason is just as valid as any of the more traditional reasons. Pick up and move on. --Eric

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Out of sight, out of mind. Avoid the person if you can. If not, look for another department to be transferred to or another job. It is never fair for you to have to move, but if this ex-relationship is causing you problems, then it will eventually effect your work performance. Either bury this from your mind and play his game or leave the job. Think of this person as a part of your past, think of the person as a learning experience and hopefully something you have grown from. Now you know what you don't want in a partner, move on. Thank the person in your mind for showing you that you are happier without him/her.

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Q: How do you move on and get over the hurt of your ex acting like you never existed when you work with them and their new partner and have to see them every day?
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