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its hard to move on when you are so in love with someone. just try not to think about to much. look into other guys who are much better. if he doesn't love you back hes not good enough for you.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-06 22:04:54
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Q: How do you move on when you love someone so much and he does not love you back?
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If you love someone and they don't like you back what should i do?

Nothing. It is hard to love someone who doesn't love you, but in this case they don't even like you so you need to move on. Forget them. Out there is someone who will love you as much as you love them.

How do you forget someone who we really love very much?

You don't. If you love someone but they do not return your love then you have to move forward as painful as it is but you don't forget them if you really love them.

How much can you love?

For anyone love can be endless. Sometimes people hold back their love while others keep loving until the end of their days. So, there is no limit on how much someone can love, but rather a limit on how much someone will show their love.

What do you do if you love someone but they don't like you?

Ooh That's the question everyone wants answering! In my experience there is not a lot you can do! All you can do is become friends and hope it moves on from there. If they are really not interested then there really is not much hope. You should move on and find someone who does love you back.

What should you do if you really love the person but she doesn't love you?

You should have realized long ago that you cant force someone to love you. I know it hurts but move on and find someone who will love you as much as you love them.Be strong!

You love someone he just moved to Canada what shall you do?

Well i would just try and move on depending on how much you love him.

What to do if you like someone but they dont like you back?

Move on from that person and get with someone else and show them how much better you can do without them!!

What do you do if your in love with a boy but someone else is to and the boy likes that girl?

You either move on and find someone else that's gonna appreciate you and love just as much as you do or you fight for who you love. Love is a battlefield. But remember that you can't make someone love you if they don't want to.

Is it possible to love someone who doesnt love you?

Most people at sometime in their lives have loved someone a great deal that did not love them back and that is why is quote 'love hurts' comes into play. If the chemistry isn't right it doesn't matter how much you love the other person because you can't make someone love you back.

How to explain your ex boyfriend that you really love him?

If you really love him then why did you break up? If he broke up with you, and you still love him...why? It's over. He doesn't love you back. And don't you want someone to feels reciprocal feelings for you? Move on and find someone who loves you just as much as you love them. If you broke up with him, and now you feel that you want him back because you love him, tell him! Apologize for ending things, express to him that you want to get back together and see what he says. You have nothing to lose.

What can you do if you love someone a lot and they dont love you back?

if your asking wiki answers than you dont have much hope

How do you get over someone who loves you?

you try and forget about how much you love them or how much they love you and move on with you life and just try to avoid any contact with them what so ever.. that's what i do.. =]

Is there anything wrong with you if you love someone and he does not love you back n then if you dont like him he loves you so much?

there is nothing wrong with it, and it is also known as a crush. you gaze from afar hoping he or she will see your love, but sometimes they don't. make the first move and ask them out. if it doesn't go well then find someone else to adore.

Can you love someone too much?

you can never love someone to much. In fact love has to grow or it will die.

What should I do if I love this girl but she doesn't love me back?

Well, hon, there's not much you can do. You can try winning her over by being sweet and telling her all the things you love about her. Or you can move on and try to find someone you will take the time to love you and be with you. I'm sorry that she doesn't love you. I know how bad that hurts, trust me.

I got out of friendzone lvl9999I tried to forget about her but she keeps comin backtold her how i felt and tried movin on everything but she would just come back help me I love her so much?

If she doesn't love you, there is really nothing you can do. You should try to move on and find someone who will love you.

What is meant for you love and get love?

for you to love someone and receive love back, you must be able and willing to give as much as you get. If they really love you, they will show you, but you must be willing to show them as well.

I am a lesbian I love someone that don't love me?

Though it may be hard, not everyone will like or even love you back. You have got to accept this and move on, but it depends if you talking about a boy or girl.BOY- If you are talking about a boy, he may be put off by the fact that you are a lesbian.GIRL- If you are talking about a girl, it may be that you are not the type she is interested in.But I'm sure you will find someone else just as much as you love this person and they will give the love you are looking for back.Hope that helped!

What to do if you love three people who don't love you back?

Well then you don't love them you probably really really like them but love isn't something that happens every day. Its like something that happens two or three times in a lifetime but what you are experiencing could be like adoring someone or really, really liking someone. But you cant love someone if they don't love you back either because you have to actually have to spend time together to develop a loving atmosphere so if they don't like you...any of them then you need to move on because there is someone out there that will love you as much as you love them its just a matter of time have it may seem like a bunch of nonsense but there is always someone for everybody and you will find someone just lay low and they will come to you.

How do you let go of someone your in love with and move on?

I know how you feel. Make yourself look at the bad qualitiies about that person and then make it seem like your in love with someone else. Avoid them as much as possible

How do you forget someone that we love much?

Hopefully you do not forget someone you love.

How do you stop loving someone that means so much to you but it seems as if they'll never change?

Where is it written that you have to stop loving someone. It is possible to love someone and not like them at all. Move on. Do what is best for YOU.

Why would someone touch you to move you out of their way?

Possibly because you weren't paying attention when they asked you to move. (As much as you want to believe this, it doesn't mean they're secretly in love with you.)

What to do if you think your in love with someone who has cheated on you many times before?

obviouslly they do not love you back if they cheat on you, best advcie is just drop them and try to move on it will be hard because you're "in love" but its the best thing you can do the longer you stay with that person the more torn inside you will be- -isa All I can say is that, It's not love. If someone loves you and they truly mean it they wouldn't have to confide in someone else to give them what your not. because truthfuly if that person has strong feeling tward you, and they can say "I love you" then you should be the only person that they need in that kind of way. so best advise is to move on, because you can do so much better. -An

To love someone very much does that mean you accept them for the person they are?

If you love someone you will love that person for who they are. If you love that person you will not try to change them.