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How do you move pictures from your PC to your iPod touch?


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When you sync your iPod touch, music, videos, pictures, and apps should be added to your iPod Touch.


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There are a 2 ways to get pictures from a PC to a ipod ...You can sync them throw itunes by placing you pics into itunes and syncing your ipod ...You can E-mail them and using your ipod open your mail and save the picture ...

No, the history from your iPod Touch cannot and will not be linked to your PC. There is no such feature that allows every movement of the iPod to be tracked as such.

You can upload pictures onto an iPod Touch (see How do you download photos from a PC to iPod touch?), but the only iPod that has an actual camera is the iPod nano 5th Generation, which shoots video.P.S. The words in bold are not a link. That is a question I'd answered earlier. You have to search for it yourself.

Plug your ipod touch into itunes and click sync.

When you plug in your iPod touch on PC and it doesn't pop up that means that your iPod is either broken or your PC is not pluged in all the way.

not possible. you have to download software onto an iPod touch via PC

No, you do not need a Mac to have a computer work with your iPod Touch. You can use any PC that has the ability to run iTunes to work with your iPod Touch.

No, you do not need a Mac. Apple will sell you an iPod Touch regardless of whether or not you own a Mac. Plus, the iPod Touch works fine with the PC version of iTunes.

To have the iPod Touch show up on your computer, just plug in the iPod Touch while it is on. The computer should automatically recognize the iPod Touch whether it is a PC or not. If it does not automatically recognize the iPod Touch, then just open iTunes (version 8.0 or later).

You can buy Apps through the iTunes store on your iPod Touch or through iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

The easiest method to transfer a photo from an ipod to PC is to use the iPod dock connector cable. Connect the ipod to your PC with the cable. Autoplay will come up. Click the "Import pictures and videos" button. Click import and the photo will be transfered from the ipod to the PC.

When you plug in your I-pod touch or I-phone you should see something come up say something about auto-play. One of the options should be for transferring Photos Only for PC!

Plug your iPod into a PC, go onto iTunes, then my devices, iPod and then restore

Plug in your iPod into your PC/Laptop and open iTunes and click the sync button in the iPod section of iTunes and after a few minuets they will be stored on your computer

yer but it needs to be jailbroken. download the cracked app. double click on it. itunes will open the sync your ipod touch

download itunes onto that PC and upload the photos onto itunes and then you can download the photos onto your iPod.

you have to actually plug it in to your PC and delete it with the program you used to put them onto the iPod

you can only transfer music ipod<=>pc by using itunes.

install itunes and plug your ipod using the dock connector

You can download the app on your PC then sync it to your iPod. Note that some apps do not work on the iPod because they are designed for the iPhone/iPad

The applications can be downloaded from a PC using iTunes.

Argos, currys, pc world. These type of shops!

No the iPad is not a PC. If you compare it to anything you should compare it to the iPod touch. Its just a lot bigger.

Use software called Xilisoft Ipod magic. Run the program, it will recognise your iPod automatically and list all the pictures in your iPod. Select the picture you want to transfer from iPod to computer, then click the Export button. iPod PC Transfer Photo will transfer all the selected pictures from iPod to computer as you want. 1. Click the "Select All" button to select all the pictures in your iPod which you plan to transfer to computer. 2. Click the Export button to start transfer pictures from iPod to computer. 3. Relax and have a cup of coffee until transfer finished automatically.

No you are not able to change your Sims clothes on the Sims 3 for iPod Touch. You can change your Sims clothes in the PC version.

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