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How do you move the Psyducks in Pokemon pearl?

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you travel to pastoria and see a galactic guy there .after beating wake talk to him .he run off .keep following and every time you catch up talk to him .once your outside lake volar he will battle you .beat him and you ll see Cynthia and she will give you a potion .go to the psyducks and use it .

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Where can you take the potion thing to move the group of Psyducks in Pokemon pearl?

The Psyducks are right above Solaceon City.

What route are the psyducks on?

If you mean the Psyducks blocking your way in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, they're on Route 210. ..However, you need to specify the game to get a precise answer.

How do you get to celestictown in Pokemon pearl?

Go north of Solaceon Town through the route where the Psyducks were standing.

Where are the psyducks in Pokemon pearl?

you go from solaceon town up to route 210 and slightly northwest from the cafe cabin and youll see 4 psyducks in between trees hope this helps!

How do you get past the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond version?

well, u hve 2 get a secret potion from Cynthia and giv it to psyducks and they move because of the chroniac headaches had been cured

Where is the super potion to move the phsducks in Pokemon dimiond?

Cynthia gives it to you. And by the way, it's psyducksnot phsducks!

Where is Cynthia in Pokemon pearl?

Cynthia is shown in the order as follows: 1. When you need to give the Psyducks medicine 2. The drained lake (?) 3. Pokemon League

How do you get those Psyducks to move in Pokemon diamond?

Cynthia(pokemon league champion) will give it to you when you follow the team galactic grunt from Pastora City.

How do you get to celestial town in pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, the player must get the SecretPotion from Cynthia to clear a pack of Psyducks from the route that leads to Celestic Town. This is the only way to proceed forward.

Where is the milk house in Pokemon pearl?

North of Solaceon Town you'll see the cafe to your right of where the Psyducks are standing. It is 500 pounds a bottle.

Where is cynthians grandmother in Pokemon Pearl?

I can't remember the name but it is next to mount coronet after where the psyducks were follow that route until you find a town and there it is

How do you get dig in Pokemon Pearl for dsi?

dig isn't a hm move on Pokemon pearl

How do you move a boulder on Pokemon Pearl?

Your Pokemon needs to know the move, "Strength"

What route do you get the potion for the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

You get the potion from Cynthia at Valor Lakefront. Then go to route 210 where the psyducks are.

How do you get passed hearthome city in Pokemon pearl?

For the gym: You are supposed to get past the psyducks in Solaceon by following a galactic grunt in pastoria then getting a special item from Cynthia then give it to the psyducks and deliver a charm for Cynthia. Then Fantina will arrive at the gym in hearthome. Hope this helps!

Get past Psyducks in Pokemon platinum route?

you go to lake valor, where you'll meet the Pokemon master Cynthia. she'll give you the secretpotion, which you spray on the psyducks to get past them.

Can you trade a Pokemon in Platinum to Diamond or Pearl with at move tour move that is unavailable in Diamond or Pearl?

yes as long as the move is available anywhere in the gamealthough Pokemon is awesome

What is TM58 in Pokemon Pearl?

Tm58 is a pokemon move called endure

What is the move called to move a boulder in Pokemon pearl?

It is called Strength!

Where to get the hm move dive in Pokemon pearl?

the hm dive is not available in pearl.

Where are the Psyducks on Pokemon platinum?

Nearly everywhere where ther's water.

Where do you look for the move surf in Pokemon diamond?

Cynthia's grandmother gives you it after the bomb scare, which is after the Psyducks-ness. You need the SecretPotion to cure the Psyducks. You get that from Cynthia after you battle the Galactic Member you're supposed to stalk from Pastoria (The location you get the the SecretPotion is at the Valor Lakefront).

How do you get rid of the Psyducks on Pokemon diamond?

After you have defeated leader wake in pastoria city, Cynthia will give you a secretpotion, go to the psyducks and they will go away

How do you get to celistic town Pokemon pearl?

At Valor lakefront, Cynthia gives you the secret potion. Give this to the psyducks by cafe cabin, and go down that road until you get to celestic town.

Where to find surfing Pokemon in pearl?

There is No "surfing move.