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You can't. You have to go out of the cave and enter in the cave on top of this one by using rock climb.

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How do you get past the galactic grunt in mount coronet?

same as pearl version! type in the same thing!

Where is the galactic boss?

he is at the top of mount coronet

How can you get to Team Galactic on the peak of Mount Coronet on Pokemon Pearl?

Climb the mountain and follow the trail of Galactic Grunts. You'll reach the top eventually.

Where do you catch Dialga in Pokemon diamond?

spear pillar ,Which is at the top of mount coronet, you will have to battle team galactic though.

Where do you go after you defeat team galactic at the 3 lakes?

you have 2 go 2 the peak of mount coronet but there r instructions on a website just type in HOW DO I GET TO THE PEAK OF MOUNT CORONET ON POKEMON DIAMOND FOR DS and it will tell you how

In Pokemon diamond how do you get to sunyshore?

You have to defeat team galactic on mount Coronet first, then do the thing with Dialga, then the guy should let you go.

How do you get past the cave painting on mount coronet?

you have to do the team galactic mission in velistone

How do you get past the galactic grunt with no Pokemon in mount coronet on Pokemon pearl?

Use the action replay and load up the run through anything and you can run though trees right passed them. (GRAMMAR CLEAN-UP) You don't actually want to go past him. You went the wrong way and have to turn back.

How do you get passed the galactic grunts in mount coronet in Pokemon?

you battle them oh and you can get either all three legendary Pokemon azelf mespirit and uxie or get the Pokemon on the front cover of the box thingy you got it with

Which floor is the azure flute on in mount coronet?

The Azure flute is not on mount coronet you have to get it from a special Pokemon event

How do you pass grunt 1 and 2 Pokemon at mount coronet defog wont work-platinum Pokemon?

you have to go back up to the lake & battle them first & then when you go back they will be gone

How do you get Dialga on Pokemon diamond with no action replay?

Go to the top of Mount Coronet and it's called the Spheal Pillar, you battle Team Galactic and battle Dialga.

Dragon claw Pokemon diamond besides mount coronet?

There is no other place to get it besides Mount. Coronet. Sorry

What do you do after saving the Pokemon from team galactic in Pokemon diamond?

go to mount coronet catch/defeat dialgaafter you defeat dialga you can now and catch heatran in lake varityand go to professor rowan

What should you do when you reach the top of mount coronet?

demolish Team Galactic. KILL THOSE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is Cyrus and where is he found in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Cyrus is the leader of Team Galactic. You meet him a few times in the duration of the game: # Mount Coronet # Veilstone Headquarters # Spear Pillar

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon diamond ds?

After you have seven badges, go to mount coronet to foil team galactic then, you can verse dialga to catch it. P.S:Save the Master Ball as you will need it for another legendary

How do you get the guard out of the way in mount coronet at the top in Pokemon diamond?

What guard? If you've beat the galactic team building there should be no guard! All you have to do is beat the commanders at the top, then capture Dialga!

Where is spear pillar on Pokemon Platinum?

u go to the top of mount coronet an go to a door on the west side battle a lot of galactic grunts and then use surf an u r there

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