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How do you network two computers?

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If you are just wanting to hook them up together you can simply use a crossover cable to connect them up directly to the Ethernet ports. But if you want to allow them both to access the internet you need to get a router. There are plenty of articles in TechSpot describing them thoroughly. Have a look around.

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When two or more computers can communicate together you have?

You have a network of computers!

What device can you add to your home network for two computers?

network card

What is used to connect a network to two or more computers?

You will need a router, wireless adapter, to have a network connecting computers

How many computers make up a network?

A minimum of two computers can be a network - the maximum number is all the computers connected to the World Wide Web.

Why is there a minimum of computers required for a network?

A network is a connection of two or more computers in a communication array. You can't really have a network with only one computer.

What cable types can be used to network two computers?

You can connect two or more computers using the following cables: Network cable USB cable Serial (used in old computers) Parallel (used in old computers)

Can a network be as small as two computers linked together for the purpose of sharing information?

Yes, that's exactly what a network is. Two or MORE computers linked together.

What is the network called when two or more computers are connected locally?

A Local Area Network (LAN), although this is now taken to mean a network of computers including file servers and printers. A Peer-to-Peer network involves as a minimum just two computers conected together.

How do you transfer photos from one computer to another computer?

If the two computers are on the same network, you can enable sharing on the network on both computers and go get them over the network

How do you connect two computers?

You can set up a network. The most simple network consists of only two computers. You can use this network to share files, a printer, or another peripheral device, and an Internet connection.

What is VHF network?

More then one or two computers

How many computers were connect in the first network?


What do you need to network two computers?

crossover cable

What is created when one computer is connected to other computers?

Two or more computers connected together create a computer network. Computers within a network can interchange data.

Is a network in which the computers are in close geographical range?

Depends on what you mean by "close geographical range." This can mean anywhere from two computers within a house, two computers in a town or even two computers in the same country compared to two computers that are connected between continents. For a house that would be: *LAN (Local Area Network) *VPN (Virtual Private Network) *PAN (Private Area Network); This would include bluetooth For a town that could be: *LAN *WAN (Wide Area Network) Hope this helped.

What is home network and how to connect with it?

The simplest kind of home network contains exactly two computers. You can use this kind of network to share files, a printer or another peripheral device, and even an Internet connection. To connect two computers for sharing these and other network resources, consider the options described below The traditional method to network two computers involves making a dedicated link by plugging one cable into the two systems. Several alternatives exist for networking two computers in this manner:

What type of network connects two computers using crossover network cable?

A LAN (local area network)

Two or more computers connected together?

Two connected computers creates a network, albeit a very small one.

What are two or more computers linked together?

Two connected computers creates a network, albeit a very small one.

What are two or more computers linked together called?

A Network

Two or more computers connected together is referred to as a?


What are two computers linked together called?

They are a network. More specifically, a "Local Area Network"

What is the definition of a network cable?

A network cable allows two computers to exchange packets of information.

When two or more computers are connected locally the network is called?

Local Area Network (LAN)

What are two or more computers that are linked together called?