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How do you nibble on a girls boob?


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June 24, 2009 9:02PM

The first challenge is to find a girl who wouldn't mind you nibbling on her boob. Assuming that you have got that far, then do it gently. Girls really don't like to have teeth marks left on them when you're done. Oh, you might want to ask her what she likes as you do it - she will tell you how to do it better soon enough. She will most likely LOVE 2 have u lick them. Look @ her facial exprssions. bite softly don be 2 afraid.. but it can hurt the girl you just pull it out of the bra and nibble gently JUST BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!! she will most likely love it and so will you but there is a slight chance she will not. or you are realy bad at it and she will have to make you stop. hope you can do it correctly and enjoy. sighned (a guy)