How do you not fail on cooking mama 2?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you not fail on cooking mama 2?
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Is cooking mama 2 worth it?

That depends on you. If you liked Cooking Mama, im pretty sure you'll like Cooking Mama 2. For me, Cooking Mama 2 is better than Cooking Mama but Cooking Mama 3 beats all of them

What does mama say in cooking mama 3 if you fail?

She says, in her weird accent, "It's ok, Mama will help you," or "It's ok, mama will fix it."

What is cooking mama 2 like?

it is a cooking game like cooking mama 1 . difference is , there is a '' let ' s cook '' feature which leads you to make recipes yourself , and you fail if you get too bad once . you can also dress up mama and there are a couple of new recipes there too , and many more .

Cheats for cooking mama do they exist?

no , they do not , but you can edit anything in cooking mama 2 .

How do you win cooking mama 2?

you can win cooking mama 2 by playing the game on the Nintendo ds

What is the last dish you can make on cooking mama?

If you mean cooking mama 2, the last 'dish' is the 'mama lunchbox'

What cooking game is the best?

cooking mama #2

How do you save on cooking mama 2?

Is automaticly

Any good DS games for girls?

Cooking Mama, Cooking Mama 2, Cooking Mama 3, Animal Crossing: Wild World There are more, but I don't know much because I am a boy.

Is cooking mama 2 for boys?

um,NO!!! Its for both genders!! its more for girls cuz its cooking MAMA. not cooking papa even though that WOULD be a good game...

Cooking mama 2?

is sooo totally awesome

When did Cooking Mama happen?

Cooking Mama happened in 2006.