Sleep Disorders

How do you not fall asleep?

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I've done it several time's. The best way is to have friends over who will help you out by either: splashing you with water(cold), shooting you with a airsoft or paintball gun in the back of your front, or for soomoe of the crazy ones out there farting in someones face gets them to move. without friends around its a bit harder because most people can handle there own farts but shooting and water still works. The best way of all though is to take a quick cold shower.

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What is the difference between fall asleep and fell asleep?

Fall asleep is future tense Ex. I am going to fall asleep. Fell asleep is past tense Ex. I fell asleep.

Why do I fall asleep when I sit down?

Why do I fall asleep when I sit down?

Can you fall asleep at the computer?

Yes. It is possible for someone to fall asleep at the computer.

Why cant you fall asleep after being unconscious?

If you fall asleep , you can lapse into a coma.

Can the babies on Mario kart wii fall asleep?

They cannot fall asleep.

What is the duration of When the Gods Fall Asleep?

The duration of When the Gods Fall Asleep is 1.37 hours.

What is it called if you are able to fall asleep anywhere?

Narcolepsy is the disorder where you fall asleep anywhere at anytime.

Why do you fall asleep when you are on the computer?

u fall asleep because u get bored and is very tired

How fast does a person fall asleep?

an average person can fall asleep in about 7 - 10 mins

When was When the Gods Fall Asleep created?

When the Gods Fall Asleep was created on 1972-11-27.

Why do parts of your body fall asleep?

Your limbs fall asleep because of the lack of blood flow through them. Your limbs fall asleep because of the lack of blood flow through them.

What happens if a testicle falls asleep?

Testicles do not fall asleep.

How do you make your arm fall asleep?

Put your hands behind your head and your arms will fall asleep fast.

Can a narcoleptic fall asleep while talking to someone?

Yes...A narcoleptic can fall asleep at anytime whatsoever.

Why do you fall asleep when feeling cold?

blood pressure rate slows down makeing you fall asleep

What episode of inuyasha does kagome fall asleep on his back?

no hes not asking if kagome falls asleep on inuyasha's back what episode does she fall asleep on his back

Why didn't Katniss want Peeta to fall asleep in the cave?

Katniss didn't want Peete to fall asleep, cause she was afraid that if he would fall asleep he would never wake up.

How long does it take the average person to fall asleep?

It takes the average person 7 minutes to fall asleep.

How long does it take a human body to fall asleep?

It takes the average person seven minutes to fall asleep

What time does Justin Bieber fall asleep?

7.47 exactly because it's his lucky time to fall asleep =)

What music makes a werewolf fall asleep?

if they exist... most likely the same that makes us fall asleep.

If you fall asleep on someone and they fall asleep as well does that mean you slept together?

well yes you slept together!

What is the average time it takes someone to fall asleep?

On average, it takes from 5-20 mins to fall asleep.

What does espero que te duermas en mean?

"I hope you fall asleep in...." OR "I'm waiting for you to fall asleep in...."

How do people fall asleep?

People fall asleep by relaxing. A person should lay their body down and relax their muscles and mind. Some people use sleep aids to help them fall asleep.