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by using a biodome. by using a biodome.

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Q: How do you obtain an internal atmosphere in Jupiter?
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Heavy atmosphere or no atmosphere in Jupiter?

it has a heavy atmosphere

Does Jupiter have a lower internal pressure then earth?

Jupiter has a variable pressure depending upon the distance away from the planets core. It increases in the atmosphere and decreases on the way down to the solid core.

Why is there no atmosphere in Jupiter?

Jupiter has an atmosphere. Actually all the planet except the small core is one big atmosphere.

Is there an atmosphere on Jupiter?

Yes. Jupiter is essentially all atmosphere. It's atmosphere mostly made of Hydrogen and helium

Does Jupiter have a dense atmosphere?

Jupiter is a gas giant, so yes. Its atmosphere is thick and chaotic with storms.

What is the atmosphere of Jupiter mainly made up of?

The atmosphere of Jupiter is mainly made up of 89% hydrogen.

What is the below the atmosphere of Jupiter?

Well, Jupiter is a ball of gas, not a solid planet like Earth. The only thing below the atmosphere of Jupiter is gas!

Is Jupiter possible and practical for earth to obtain energy from the gases found in these planets?

no, it cant... because Jupiter have an atmosphere of hydrogen, helium, methane, ammonia, carbon monoxide, ethane, acytelene, phosphine,and water vapor

Does Jupiter have an atmoshere?

it has an atmosphere

Does Jupiter have atmosphere?


Does Jupiter have a heavy atmosphere a thin atmosphere or no atmosphere?

Well, Jupiter is a gas giant and the largest planet in our system. But, im still confused when you say "heavy" atmosphere can you clarify??

What type of atmosphere do Jupiter have?

The type of atmosphere found in Jupiter is mostly made up of hydrogen. Jupiter does not any solid surface and this is why it is known as a gaseous planet.

Does Jupiter have any atmosphere?

Yes it has an atmosphere of ammonia crystals

Is Jupiter a planet with an atmosphere?

Yes. It is essentially all atmosphere.

What does the atmosphere of Jupiter made out of?

The atmosphere of Jupiter is made out of hydrogen, helium, methane, and other poisonous gases which are unbreathable by humans.

Does Jupiter have rock gas?

The planet Jupiter does have lots of methane in its atmosphere.

Can Jupiter support life on its planet?

No, Jupiter cannot support life. Jupiter cannot support life because it has no atmosphere and also because the pressure is really strong on Jupiter and anything that enters its atmosphere would be crushed.It has little water. Umm, nu-huh... Jupiter CAN support life, just not any life that is present in the Earth system. There are many possibilities for life to exist in the Jupiter system, although none have as yet been detected. Jupiter DOES have an atmosphere, the planet is predominated by it. Jupiter DOES have water... in it's atmosphere.

What is Jupiter atmosphere made of?


What planet has its original atmosphere?


Below the atmosphere of Jupiter?


What is atmosphere on Jupiter?

atmosphere is very dilegint on jupiter by the way im kayla-yoland s im in 6th grade yah :)

What is the atmoshpere of Jupiter?

Jupiter is a gas planet. Its atmosphere is mainly comprised of hydrogen.

What is the below atmosphere of Jupiter?

Jupiter is believed to be almost entirely atmosphere. It is hypothesized that Jupiter has a small core of ice, rock, and metals. Between the upper atmosphere of clouds and the core there are layers of compressed hydrogen gas and liquid metallic hydrogen.

Does Jupiter have a amosepher?

Actually, Jupiter has a very thick atmosphere. Without one, it wouldn't be able to produce the storms it does, such as the "Big Red Spot." The thick lines you see on Jupiter are evidence of its atmosphere.

What causes the colors in Jupiter?

The clouds of gas in the atmosphere The clouds of gas in the atmosphere