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How do you obtain insurance in NJ if your driving privileges in MN were suspended for parking tickets 8 years ago?


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2011-10-07 20:36:25
2011-10-07 20:36:25

Pay what you owe and negotiate with an insurance broker for the best company and deal. Since you have repaid your debt and you had no moving violations or accidents this should be easy.


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Generally, a ticket from a parking in a handicapped parking space will not go on a traffic record. However, failure to pay the fine may result in driving privileges to be suspended.

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if you dont pay it and get suspended yes it will affect you insurance

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If you are driving a car or have it parked on a public street or parking lot then it must have insurance

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Yes, it's obviously not a parking infraction.

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Parking tickets are not a part of your driving record. Getting your license suspended for ignoring oparking tickets would show on your license history (actually, on the car owner's).

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