How do you open a PowerPoint file on Microsoft Word?

The best way to move information between the two programs is to use the OUTLINE view with the tab key. From Word to PowerPoint, it moves the text into multiple slides, not just one. From PowerPoint to Word, you can select all the text and move it at once, not just one slide at a time.

should beable to right clike on that file and go to open with then chose program in which you would like to open it with

You can't open a power point file in Microsoft Word. You have to have power point to open a ppt file.

You can copy and paste between them

step by step: open both your word document and PowerPoint document. hilight what you want on the word document to go on the PowerPoint. right click the hilighted area, select copy, and then go to your PowerPoint. then go to the slide you want to put it on, and right click and select paste. it should apear then. you may have to adjust it.