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Opening an options trading account is a simple matter of just going to one of the many popular online options brokers and opening an account for free. Simple as that. Go to the recommended link below for a list of such options brokers.

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Q: How do you open an option trading account?
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How can one open an online share trading account?

When the person enter to the online trading website it will have a option where it said register here, then the site will ask for personal information, so the user have to provide it to open the account.

Is the advice free on Option Trading Strategies website?

"Many financial firms offer free basic financial advice on their websites. However, if you need detailed information on trading, especially for option trading strategies, you either must have an account with the financial firm or you are required to open up a fee-based account with a company that offers strategic financial advice."

Where can one find a forex trading account?

If you would like to open a forex trading account, you can try to contact Citi bank. There company will assist you in setting up a free forex trading account.

How does one open a trading account with iOCBC?

To open a trading account, one must go onto the iOCBC web link. Then click on the subheading named "accounts." Depending on what account the person wants, the person will then click on the preferred account, then follow the instructions to create their account.

How can one open a stock trading account?

One way to open a stock trading account is to visit a bank branch in person. There are also many online services with which you can start a stock trading account. A minimum initial investment of $2000 is standard. It is necessary to provide your social security number and other contact information to create an account.

What are the genuine sites where I can open a stock trading account online?

You can open a stock account online at You can also use

What paperwork is needed to open an online trading account?

You can find an online application to open an online trading account. If you wanted to trade stocks, options, mutual funds, etc. Then find a online application and you'll be on your way.

How do I open a checking account?

Contact local banks, compare features, go to the banks website and select the "open a checking account" option.

How do you start investing in stock options trading?

Open a brokerage account, and deposit money

How old does a person have to be to start trading stocks?

In order to start trading stocks, the legal age requirement is 18 to open a brokerage account in your name. However, if you are under the age of 18 your parents/guardians can open a custodian account for you.

Can you have full option trading with an IRA?

Anything to do with IRA has to be extremely conservative. As such, options trading with an IRA account allows you to only perform simple call options and put options buying as well as debit spreads only. You will not be able to do any naked writes or credit spreads. As such, you are really not getting "Full option trading" with an IRA account.

What is the website for online forex currency trading?

The name of the Forex currency trading is Forex. One can open an actual account or practice account there. There are several articles posted daily also.

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