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go to the castle or whatever and open the door

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us the pomgranites you get near sphinx on the platform next to the door

you get a pomagranet from the garden of the sphinx and place it on Hade's alter at his palace. The alter is by the door. The door will then open.

You have to get a starfish as an offering to him. Same thing with Hades, you have to give him pomegrantes.

They DON'T open both. The pomegranates only open Hades' door to the underworld put them on his alter in Mythology Island. To open Poseidon's door to his his awesome beach, you need the starfish off of his statue in the museum.

In the sphinx's garden there is a pomegranate tree. Pick the pomegranates and place them on the altar, and the door will open.

Poseidon is past hades, you go into the castle and at the door (walk Way right) place the starfish to open it.

you open the door of the ship in poptrpoica

You have to go to the garden of the sphynx and get the pomegranites. put them on the altar and the door will open.

you have to give him berries for an offering

you put on the offering table what is on the door. for example: hades, pomogranites

put the palmagranites on the sacrificial alter next to the locked door

To open Poseidon's door, you have to get the starfish from the museum and put it on the altar.

people say that you could could bring pomegranates and the door would open.

You need to use the Pomegranates (found near the bull's cave) as a sacrifice. Then the door should open.

To open the door to the basement on Haunted House in Poptropica, you first must get the key which the bat is flying around with. Then use it to unlock the padlock and onpen the door!

There are doors to open on almost every island on Poptropica. Specify an island name and you may find an answer.

To get in Poseidon's door so you can find Hydra you need to put the singing starfish on the alter then the door will open.

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