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You get a code from buying a Club Penguin penguin doll, type the code into club penguin, and you get the secret treasure book!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-24 14:45:36
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Q: How do you open the secret book on Club Penguin?
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How do you open the secret gate in club penguin?

with a key!

How do you get into Gary's secret lab on club penguin on the 2010 party?

it is in the book room click the tables then chairs then candles then the shelf will open and there garys secret lab

How do you open the club penguin treasure book?

By clicking on it no!

How do you look inside the Club Penguin treasure book?

You click on it to open it.

How do you get the treasure book to open in Club Penguin?

you need a code from a club penguin toy then you just click on the site where it says " redeem" or something then enter the code and it wil open! hope this helps

How do you open the calibrating machine on club penguin secret of the fur?

use ur wrence in ur spy fone

How do you open the hidden treasure book?

Buy a Club Penguin Toy at toys r us

What is password to open the club penguin cheat vault?

its club penguin rules

How do you open the unlock stuff online book in club penguin?

you log on but dont go on a server and in the corner there it is

What are some Club Penguin secrets?

One Secret Furntiture Move Is Cool. Try Pressing The Up Button When Your Editing A Piece Of Furniture. It might open, close something might even appear! The second secret is about a secret key in a book. If you go to the book room and find the rockhopper book, turn to the last page and collect the key.

How do you get the mine secret door to open in club penguin?

you play puffle rescue on black and follow the octopus shadow [get bubbles for air]

Is Club Penguin open on Satuday?

Club penguin is online everyday of the week :) Hope it helped !

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