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The sub will for compartment has four screws. The screws are located on each corner of the compartment cover. Remove the screws.

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Q: How do you open the sub woofer compartment on a 2004 350Z?
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How do you open tool compartment on your 2004 Suzuki GSX r 600?

Where is the jack in a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

The jack for a 2004 Pacifica is located under the storage compartment in the back of the rear most seats. Open the storage compartment lid, then lift out the storage tray.

Where are the cabin filter and the air filter located on a 2004 Toyota Echo?

The cabin filter is located behind the glove compartment. If you open the glove compartment you shoudl be able to press the sides inward. This will allow the glove compartment to open all the way out. After you remove the glove compartment you will see a plastic tray that holds the filter.

How do you open a Sony sub woofer?

you don't, you leave it at wal mart where it belongs

How do you fully open the glove compartment on a 2004 Mitsubishi outlander?

On a outlander 20003 you need "carefully" to remove the left plastic pin inside the glove compartment, then you can easily unhook the right pin which is attached to the compartment. Drop it all way down and remove the compartment.

Where can i find AUX jack in 2004 Mercedes Benz E320?

Open the glove compartment and take everything out if you have anything in their and its on top of the glove compartment a little silver aux input jack

How do you open a glove compartment without the key?

how to open a glove compartment on a 2008 highlander without the key

How do you open battery compartment 2011 jeep?

Flip back the front passenger seat and open the compartment lid

How do you open a glove compartment when the key wont open on a jaguar xj6?

I've a 1995 xj6 ,but where is the opening for the glove compartment? do it have one

Where is the spare tire located on a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica?

it is under the back of the vehicle. When you open the tailgate, there is a small floor compartment you have to open and use the lug nut wrench to lower the plate that the tire is on

How do you you get the key to open the secret compartment on the train in poptropica mystery train?

The key doesn't open the secret compartment! You click on the different panels on Mark Twain's wall to find the compartment. The key is for luggage.

How to get to BMW 330i relay behind glove compartment?

Open the glove compartment. There is a fuse box in the back.

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