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Q: How do you open the trunk of a 99 Corolla when the lock is jammed and the remote release doesn't work?
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How do you open the fuel door on a 2006 Corolla when the remote fuel-door release under the driver's seat does not open it?

May be a manual release inside the trunk

Can you use a 2005 keyless remote for a Toyota Corolla on a 1995 model?

No you can not.

How do you turn off 1992 corolla alarm without a remote?

locate the fuse for it and unplug it.

How do you program a remote keyless for a 2007 Chevy uplander?

replaced battery and now remote doesnt work . how do you reprogram remote

97nissan maxima remote doesnt workbatteries goodfuses good help?

remote needs programmed probably.....

Is there a Wii play game that doesnt come with the other remote?

no they only sell wii play with the wii remote because it is a set

How can the remote door lock on your 2005 corolla be reset replaced the battery but that was not the problem?

Go here for instructions:

How do you know if your keyless remote to your car has water damage?

if replacing the battery doesnt fix it.

Can you play wii U games with the romote?

You can play most Wii U games with the remote but the remote doesnt have enough buttons for some games.

Where is the Chrysler 300 remote fuel door release?

Push on the fuel door itself to open. There is NO remote fuel door release. Push on the fuel door itself to open. There is NO remote fuel door release.

Why doesnt your keyless remote work for your 2002 Chevy Tahoe?

Your keyless remote might not work for your 2002 Chevy Tahoe because the battery in the remote is dead. You can replace this battery by prying the remote cover off of the back of the remote or by removing the screws holding the cover closed.

Where is the remote trunk release for a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix?

The remote trunk release for a 1993 Grand Prix is in the gove box.