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you log on but dont go on a server and in the corner there it is

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โˆ™ 2009-03-03 19:37:40
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Q: How do you open the unlock stuff online book in club penguin?
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What is the club penguin unlock items online Code to get Shadow Guy's costume?

unlock it i have book

Find the blue book on club penguin and how do you unlock it?

find the blue book by going onto unlock items online on club penguin then click on i have a book then click on the stoaway then answer the question if you have the book if you don't have the book get it

How do you get stuff from the treasure book on CP?

Go to the store, and buy a club penguin toy. there should be a coin in the toy. Then On the code you can unlock your code at UNLOCK unlock items ONLINE! SHUT UP LOSER IM SORRY!

Tell you al of the book pages in the books to unlock items online on club penguin?

are you crazy === ===

How do you buy stuff in the treasure book on club penguin?

u either go to toys r us to buy the toys and unlock it on club penguin by clicking on the unlock button on the home page

What are some codes to unlock some stuff on club penguin if you do not have a book?

I can't give you a code for that but you can buy Clubpenguin stuff at the stores and some come with Clubpenguin codes! My penguin name is Jassmin2

Where to buy club peugin treasure books?

you cant buy a treasure book but you can get a toy of club penguin so you can unlock stuff from the treasure book

How do you unlock items with a book on club penguin?

by having a club penguin book and throughout the book there will be codes

Where do you get Club Penguin coin codes?

you buy club penguin toys that have codes and you can unlock them and if you unlock three codes you get to unlock the treasure book there are no coin codes in that book

How do you unlock a things in Club Penguin?

When you log in, go to that circle saying unlock items online. Click on it and then click I have a book and choose the book you have then answer the question. If you dont have a book go to I have a code then enter the code you have. If you dont have a book or a code, you cant unlock anything.

How do you get the penguin band sweatshirt on Club Penguin?

You can unlock it from the treasure book

How do you unlock a book on club penguin?

you don't unlock them you order the books

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