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Q: How do you opreate a fire extinguisher?
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What equipment is located in the lab in case of fire?

Fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

How would one use a fire extinguuisher?

As a sea captain I know this one. Aim your fire extinguisher at the base of the flame. This will cool and choke off air to the fire. If the fire is an electrical fire you should first cut off the exectrical power. Then use the fire extinguisher. If the fire is an oil fire keep in mind that it can reflash. Try to use a foam fire extinguisher to choke off the air.

How do you put an electric fire out?

First priority is to remove the source of the electricity. Without that, the fire will continue to form. After disconnecting the electrical source, put out the fire as normal, with a co2 extinguisher and foam. Sand works too.Improvement:Sand is the best option after a CO2 extinguisher. Improvement:I agree but you could also try smothering it with a fire blanket (if you don't have a CO2 extinguisher lying around!) to take away the oxygen BUT NEVER put water on an electrical fire it just makes it worse.IMPROVEMENT;here are some good tips,NEVER USE WATERif it is small you could use some baking sodaan ABC or class C fire extinguisher are best

What are some science lab safety symbols?

high voltage, ionizing radiation, flammable, fire extinguisher, toxic material sign, eyewash, recycling,

What is the best way to put out a lab fire?

If it is a big fire don't try to do any thing, run outside and save your skin. The lab owner or the management will take care of the damages! In a chem lab there are many highly flammable lab reagents like ethyl alcohol, bleach etc. If the fire is small and easily manageable, try to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher or sand etc. dont try to put out the fire with water because chemicals such as sodium react with water.

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How fire extinguisher is able to control fire?

A fire extinguisher is meant to extinguish a fire, or at least a portion of the fire within the fire extinguisher's capacity.

Diagram of fire extinguisher?

how does a fire extinguisher work

What fire extinguisher for electrical fire?

A Class C fire extinguisher.

What fire extinguisher for electric fire?

A Class C fire extinguisher.

What fire extinguisher puts out a generator fire?

We are use the co2 as fire extinguisher

Do I have to take a fire extinguisher class?

fire extinguisher safety training Topic: Question Summary: Do I have to take a fire extinguisher class? Question Long-Form: I own a fire extinguisher. Am I required to take fire extinguisher training? If so, where are they offered?

What is the symbol on a fire extinguisher for electrical equipment?

Fire extinguisher symbols

How do you spell extinguisher?

That is the correct spelling of "extinguisher" (fire extinguisher).

What does a fire extinguisher put out is it fire or wind?

Extinguish means "put out", so a fire extinguisher puts out fire.

What type of fire extinguisher is used on a gasoline fire?

You need to use a Class B extinguisher on flammable liquids.

What puts out a fire faster water or a fire extinguisher?

Trick question, if the fire extinguisher is full of water, such as a Class 2A. However, a fire extinguisher is designed to put out a small fire quicker than anyone can respond with a hose and a water supply. Unfortunately, many fires react violently when water is applied to them, so a different type of fire extinguisher must be used.

Is there a rating on a fire extinguisher?

Yes. They are rated for the type of fire they can be used against, and the capacity of the extinguisher.