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It just needs to come directly from the book source, or it probably won't get through.

When you order it, for the "ship to" entry... provide the inmate's address.

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How do you fill out a money order for a inmate?

With a pen

Who do you make a money out to when sending to an inmate at DVI?

You make the money order out to the inmate and include the CDC number on the money order. Do not send checks or cash.

How do you send money order to inmate?

How can I send a money order to an inmate in Ohio from the UK.We don't have money orders hear.Jpay is a way but they don't serve the prison my friend is at.??

How do you order package for inmate at clayton co jail?

Every institution has its own procedures by which packages are mailed to an inmate. Check with that institution.

What sunglasses does Denzel wear in the movie Book of Eli?

Oakley Inmate glasses

How do you order food for a inmate at santa rita jail?

Collette Gomez

What is a rhyming word pair for produce convict?

fabricate inmate create inmate originate inmate generate inmate precipitate inmate

Can you give book to inmate in dc jail?

do you mean ' can you give a book to a person in jail?' the answer is... well. It is mainly up to the cops. They might have to check the book to see if there is anything in it that might be drugs or a little note ore something. And I think it might also depend on the book. But, I bet you can. They probably need to view it first before they give it to the inmate

How do you order a care package for an inmate in tulare county jail?

Jesse martinez

How do you send money to an inmate at the flightline unit at 2001 Rickabaugh Drive Big Spring Texas?

You can send money by purchasing a post office money order and mailing it directly to the inmate. All the inmate's information needs to be on the money order in order for him to receive funds.

Free Prison Inmate Records?

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Free Prison Inmate Search?

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How to divorce a tdc inmate?

How do I divorce an inmate in TexasAnswerdivorce an inmate in Texas

When do you capitalize the word inmate?


looking for inmate?

looking for inmate

How much time does an inmate have to serve on a 6 year sentence?

Its up to the judge that sentences the inmate. They can set a time that the inmate will be allowed to be released or they can order that the full sentence be served.

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The cast of Short Eyes - 1977 includes: Bob Balhatchet as Other Inmate Johnny Barnes as Other Inmate Brodie Barr as Other Inmate Thommie Blackwell as Other Inmate Don Blakely as El Raheem Yusef Bulos as Other Inmate Ted Butler as Other Inmate Joseph Carberry as Longshoe Carlo Corrasso as Other Inmate Keith Davis as Mr. Brown Bruce Davison as Clark Davis Nick De Marini as Other Inmate Richard DeFabees as Other Inmate Shelly Desai as Other Inmate Tony DiBenedetto as Tony Orlando Dole as Other Inmate Eddie Earl Hatch as Other Inmate Shawn Elliott as Paco Juan Feliciano as Other Inmate Freddy Fender as Johnny Ernie Fierron as Other Inmate Nathan George as Ice Tito Goya as Cupcakes Gerald Jaffe as Other Inmate Lee Jines as Other Inmate Sherman Jones as Other Inmate Henry Judd Baker as Other Inmate Gordon Keys as Other Inmate Leroy Lessane as Other Inmate Ruben Luciano as Other Inmate Jose Machado as Other Inmate Mark Margolis as Mr. Morrison Bob Maroff as Mr. Nett Richard Matamoros as Gomez Curtis Mayfield as Pappy Ruben Ortiz as Other Inmate Edwin Perez as Other Inmate Miguel Pinero as Go-Go Rodney Rincon as Other Inmate Richard Robinson Brown as Other Inmate Ramon Rodriguez as Other Inmate Joseph Rosario as Other Inmate Ronald Salley as Other Inmate Richard Spore as Other Inmate Ken Steward as Omar Joe Terra as Other Inmate Andre Waters as Other Inmate

Can an inmate get married?

can a inmate get married in florida

How do you find a person in prison in New York?

The State Bureau of Prisons should have a locater service. Call their number (located in the governemnt listings in the phone book), and with the name of the inmate, they should be able to tell you where he is housed. This will only work if the inmate has been remanded to THEIR custody. They will not be able to help you if the inmate is jailed in a local facility on a local charge. ________________________________________________________________________ The State of NY has an online "Inmate Look-Up Service". See the link below entitled "NY Inmate Lookup"

How do you order inmate care package at salt lake metro jail?

utah metro jail

How do you order care packages for an inmate at Kern County Lerdo facility?

how to set up account

What is the meaning of 'inmate photos'?

I have heard the term 'inmate photos' before, but I do not know what it means. What are inmate photos?

How can I find an inmate in prison?

I am interested in finding an inmate in prison. What is the best way of finding an inmate in prison?

If there is a court order releasing an inmate and the correction Officers do not release that inmate are they in contempt of the order?

The jail or prison administration must actually have the judge's signed order in their possession in order to act on it. But, yes, if it can be proven that they have it, and they are willfully and knowingly refusing to carry it out, a suit could be brought. Just a simple paperwork, or administrative SNAFU would likely not qualify as contempt.

Where can I find inmate mughots online?

I want to look at inmate mugshots. Which websites are the best for looking at inmate mugshots?