How do you otters adapt to winter conditions?

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u might have to keep them in your bathtub only if u want to have a pool in your house or u can keep the pool out side for summer for the otter and in winter bring the pool in for the otter......

How do kangaroos adapt in the winter?

Kangaroos do not inhabit the high country or snowy areas of Australia in winter. They stay in the lowlands and shelter in caves and under overhanging cliffs. Some types of wallabies inhabit the high country, but these are the stockier, more muscular variety (like wallaroos), with thicker, more insul ( Full Answer )

What adaptations does a sea otter have?

S wimming,diving and occasionally there temperature under water if its getting to hot or cold they adapt to their habitat. Webbed feet as well

How do animals adapt to winter conditions?

Animals adapt to the winter by hibernating. For example,bears and leopard frogs hibernate. They eat all summer and in the winter they sleep. Another way of adapting is to migrate . For example, butterflies,whales,and birds migrate. To illustrate, butterflies migrate to mexico when it is cold and ( Full Answer )

What are the adaptations of sea otters?

The Sea otter or Kalan (Enhydra lutris) is a large otter native to the North Pacific, from northern Japan and Kamchatka east across the Aleutian Islands south to California. Generally sticking to shallow coastal waters of no more than about 55 meters in depth, sea otters are found most often in a ( Full Answer )

How do ducks adapt to winter?

Ducks adapt to winter by growing a thick under layer of feathers tohelp keep them warm. Most ducks adapt to winter by migrating towarmer locations.

How do bunnies adapt to the winter?

Bunnies evolved in warmer climates and had to adapt to colder ones.They molt in the autumn and then grow a thick new coat for winter.They will put on extra fat and increase their food intake by asmuch as 10-20 percent.

What do otters do to prepare for winter?

Otters race playfully down snowbanks or ride waterfalls into deep pools of water. River otters may look as if they don't have a care in the world. Otters spend most of their days constantly on the move.. Why?. A resting otter is more likely to have a run-in with a predator. A hungry eagle might be ( Full Answer )

How do otters adapt to their environment?

its like an evolution to otters to grow and adapt to the enviroment were they live to survive and they look for food like fish, reptiles, and a few more types of food which they eat. To keep them alive and they have to breed so they dont die out and become extinct.

How do coyotes adapt to the winter?

Coyotes hunt different animals in the winter. They do this because animals they usually hunt have either migrated or hibernated. They also grow longer and thicker fur to keep itself warm.

Are river otters active in the winter?

" River otters are most active from early evening through early morning. They are active all year, even in the cold Alaskan winters. Otters play more than most wild animals -- wrestling, chasing other otters, tossing and diving for rocks and clamshells, toying with live prey and occasionally, slidin ( Full Answer )

What winter adaptations grey fox?

My observations were it's travel routes. They tend to avoid deep snow. By traveling in the tracks of larger animals and almost always, travel in tire tracks of vehicles in snow. they seem to always avoid snow when possible. Traveling under, along trees, hoping rocks etc.

How do pine trees adapt to winter?

Bob is a pine tree. He has adapted to winter and his needles havn't fallen off.Bob thinks something is wrong with him. All off his friends leave have follen off. Now they make fun off Bob. He isn't always cold, but his friends are. During all of winter Bob is nice and warm because his needles hadn't ( Full Answer )

How does a rabbit adapt to winter?

Rabbits that live in places where it gets cold in the water naturally build up a thick fur for the winter, and they have soft fur pads on their feet, and this insulates their bodies against the cold so they are well prepared for the lowering temperatures. Pet rabbits do not adapt to the winter, th ( Full Answer )

How do maple trees adapt in winter?

Maple trees adapt like all other deciduous plants. 1. the leaves start to shut down with the cold so they draw in the energy costly chlorophyll first, then the other pigments that contribute to photosynthesis that's why leaves turn colors in the fall. 2. apoptosis at the petiole, that means the cell ( Full Answer )

What adaptation does a koala have to survive winter?

Their heavy coat helps protect them from both hot and cold weatheras well as helping to keep them dry in the rain. Koalas in thesouthern areas of Australia have adapted to the colder temperatureswith thicker, heavier fur and they are larger than koalas fromwarmer regions.

What are adaptations giant otters have?

There is an animal profile for Giant Otters on the Philadelphia Zoowebsite that provides a few adaptation examples. To quicklyhighlight some of the information found here, the profile says thatgiant otters have flattened tails that help them to swim underwaterfaster and maneuver more easily. They al ( Full Answer )

How do horses adapted to the winter?

Horses have winter coats kinda like cats and dogs. I should know I have been riding for 2-3 years and the horses and I learned that while I was brushing one of them. I got this from experience Hope I answered your question 

How do labrador retrievers adapt for winter?

They actually adapt awesome. You would think by the way their fur looks and feels they'd be freezing but really, they're fine. Labs can swim in about 5 degree water for about 30 seconds so of course they're fine in the snow and all. The only down side is that their pads are very sensitive and they, ( Full Answer )

What climate is an otter adapted to?

An otter is adapted to a warm climate where they can just relax. Most otters will tend to lay on a log in the sun.

What is sea otters adaptations?

Sea otters have several adaptations designed for life in the water. They have watertight fur for insulation, they have webbed feet for swimming, as well as nostrils and ears that can close to keep water out. They also have a short, thick, and slightly flat tail. Besides aquatic adaptations, sea ot ( Full Answer )

How is a rabbit adapted to winter?

They slowly lose there summer hair and grow very thick, white hair and while they are doing it, its getting colder and they just adapt to the white snow.

How do otters swim by structural adaptation?

Sea otter cubs have air in their fur, and simply float while their mother dives for food. Adult otters use their flippers and tail to navigate through the water. They have a clear eyelid that serves as goggles so that they see underwater. They use their whiskers to feel vibrations of prey moving wat ( Full Answer )

How do swallows adapt to the winter?

They migrate to Africa, because it's warmer. Also, they are notable to survive in low temperatures, so when season changes(especially winter) they have to morgate to other warmer places

What adaptations are on the fur of a sea otter?

The fur of a sea otter grows so closely together, that it is waterproof. It also traps tiny pockets of air, and the air acts as an insulator, helping to keep the otter from losing heat into the water.

How is a rabbit adapted to survive the winter?

Rabbits naturally build up a thick fur for the winter and have soft fur pads on their feet, insulating their bodies against the cold so they are well prepared for the lowering temperatures. .

What do animals do to adapt to winter?

Well some animals hibernate in the winter in someplace warm but others like dears and birds. Birds like swallows go to a different and hotter country. Some animals just injure it and eat all the food they find. That's why you should always put food out for the birds.

How is the sea otters adapted to keep them warm?

Sea otters are adapted to keep warm by its thick and dense fur. It has two layers of fur; one a water proof guard layer, and then a shorter layer of fur underneath. Unlike most marine mammals, they do not use blubber to keep them warm. So they use their fur instead.

Will cows survive winter conditions?

Not if you completely deprive them of crucial feed, shelter, water and a warm place to lay down to rest and sleep, especially with those thin cows that don't have enough condition (or layers of fat) to help them survive the winter. Fat or good conditioned cows have a better chance surviving winter c ( Full Answer )

Does a rabbit migrate or adapt in winter?

they adapt. different rabbit have different adaptations. i.e. a alaskan hare is made for the cold. and some times they fart in a can, usually coke cans so they caan reopen it and smell it :)

What do polar bears do to adapt in the winter?

Polar bears have blubber, which is like extra fat, under their fur and that helps to keep them warm during the winter. They also grow out their winter fur coats to keep themselves warm during the winter.

How do plants adapt in winter?

Most die in the winter, but release their seeds in the fall beforehand. Others lose their foliage on the outside, but use the energy created and stored during the spring and summer to say alive.

What are the adaptations for a hedgehog in winter?

Hedgehogs, like some other animals (but not people) have brown fat. Brown fat is good because it provides a lot more energy when burned then white fat. This is because brown fat has more mitochondria in it, which are metabolic organelles that speed up metabolism with increased numbers. Hedgehogs wil ( Full Answer )

What do sea otters eat during winters?

The sea otter's main diet is sea invertebrates such as urchins, clams, mussels and snails. During winter they need to eat 25% of their body weight each day to keep warm.