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Q: How do you paint a motorcycle helmet?
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Can you use a motorcycle helmet for a snowmobile?

Yeah, you can but not hard caps or cricket helmets for motorcycles or trikes.

Where can I order a custom motorcycle helmet online?

There are several places online to buy a custom motorcycle helmet. The first is and another is If you want a custom paint job on your helmet I would suggest taking it into a shop and discussing with the artist, so you get exactly what you want.

Can you use a scooter helmet for your motorcycle?

Motorcycle helmets need to be either DOT or SNELL certified, if the helmet has that certification then you can use a scooter helmet on a motorcycle.

Will I get a ticket for not wearing a motorcycle helmet?

If there is a mandatory helmet law in your state, you will probably get a ticket if you do not wear a helmet when riding your motorcycle.

I'm looking for personalizable motorcycle helmets for under $50. Any suggestions?

The best way to create your own personalized motorcycle helmet would be to do it yourself. Buy a solid colored helmet off craigslist or ebay for under $50. Next create a stencil and paint it unto your helmet.

Is the cost of motorcycle insurance different if you wear a helmet?

If there is no helmet law in your state, the cost of motorcycle insurance is the same whether you wear a helmet or not.

What is a Cooler motorcycle helmet?

I think a well-ventilated motorcycle helmet is much cooler than the other helmets in the market. Hopefully, helmetshops(dot)com/best-ventilated-motorcycle-helmet/this article will help you out.

Do I have to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC?

Yes, you are required to buy a motorcycle helmet to ride in NC and obtain a motorcycle license. This applies to all motorcycle riders regardless of age or motorcycle power.

If your state doesn't require a motorcycle helmet do you have to wear a helmet in a state that does require one?

State-by-state guide to motorcycle helmet laws yes

Do you need to wear a motorcycle helmet in Miami?

You need to wear a motorcycle helmet any time you get on a motorcycle, but in Florida it is only required for anyone under 21.

Are motorcycle riders and passengers required to wear a helmet in California?

Motorcycle rider and passengers are required to wear a helmet in california. It is a good law since chances of surviving a motorcycle crash without a helmet are slim.

How much is a ticket for no helmet on a motorcycle?

$0 is FL, no helmet law.

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