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How do you paint the trim in a room?


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July 04, 2014 3:52PM

Clear the room, gather all your supplies, and lay out your drop cloth.

Scrape, off any loose paint, if needed,

Remove any nails from the wall and spackle any holes, or imperfections. Sand smooth.

Clean the walls and trim, if needed. Dust along the baseboards, windows, doorways, with a damp cloth.

Caulk along the trim if needed.

Tape off the room if you like to use painters tape.

Wait for your paint to paint to be completely dry before taping off again with the trim. Apply paint again and again with a gap to dry. Give it a touch in the last.

Use razor to cut the edge when it peels after dry.

Clean up, put everything in the room as it was earlier.

Finished work with paint in a room.