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How do you paint using static electricity?

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The paint is charged with an either a positive or negative charge, and the car part being painted with the opposite charge, the two charges attract and the paint sticks to the car part.This process ensures a uniform layer of paint, since when there is enough negative paint in the car the extra will be repelled by the paint already in the car.
It also ensures that the paint won't fall off, since the electrical attraction between the paint and the car is stronger than if it was just sprayed.

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What are the benefits of static electricity?

Using static electricity, xerox copying has become possible. Ink jet printers follow the static electricity principle. Using this principle spraying paint is so uniform and so car painting utilizes. Collection of ashes in chimneys becomes possible due to static electricity.

Paint spraying - static electricity or?


What are some ways you use static electricity?

Photo Copy machines use static electricity to get the ink in the places where it needs to be copied. There's an artist that uses static electricity to fly the different paint onto the paper. They also use static electricity to paint cars. (True enough, I got the artist thing from Bill Nye The Science Guy)

How do you tell if static electricity is in you?

Actually your heart is always using electricity.

can I buy something to control static in my home?

Static electricity gets worse in a dry environment. Consider using a humidifier to keep the static electricity down.

How does Saran Wrap cling?

Using static electricity

Can water bend using static electricity?


What is constrast static electricity?

Static Electricity is Static Electricity, "Compare and 'Contrast static electricity' and current electricity" is a relevant question.

Can you convert electricity to static electricity?

static electricity is electricity.

Why can static electricity not be used to run a television?

static electricity is static electricity

Does a kettle use static electricity?

Kettles are often heated over fires, using no electricity, but if a kettle is electrically heated, it uses electric current, not static electricity.

How can you make static electricity using a cloth and a pen?

you cant

How is static electricity used when spraying crops with insecticide?

Static electricity is a charge built up by a range of actions like rubbing a polythene rod against a duster, we can see the effects by rubbing a balloon against our hair and the negatives will move to the balloon but will not move this is what makes static electricity different to the normal electricity in our houses, cars and other electrical items. Static electricity and paint… static electricity can be used by mechanics to respray cars this can be done by charging the paint negative and the car positive and the paint will arc towards it when doing this to a bike it is unnecessary to turn the bike around as the paint will coat both sides. its the same thing one thing is charged positive and the other negative sothey will attract! hope this helps

Is it possible to make electricity in air without using any machine?

Yes, static electricity

Is static electricity not really static?

Static electricity is static. It's just shortened.

What are interesting about static electricity?

static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can be called high voltage static electricity can bend water

How do you use static electricity in experiments?

by using hair,wool,or polyester

Is lightning a current or static electricity?

static electricity

Which is a characteristic of static electricity?

Which is a characteristic of static electricity

What is the advantage of using an anti static mat?

By using an anti static mat while working on the inside of your computer, you are protecting the delicate electronic components from static electricity that can damage the electronics.

What does static electricity constitute?

Static electricity constitutes of charges that are static i.e. they do not move.

What is useful about static electricity?

You can move things with static electricity!

How do you use static electricity?

everything electronic is static electricity

What is static electricity in the easy form?

Easy static electricity

How does humidity effect static electricity?

The more humidity the less static electricity. The less humidity the more static electricity.