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You need to use the code scratched into the rock. This is the code:.u...l..u.....r.d....r.....u..l..d..l..u.l..u..l....d..l......u......r...u

First you need to get off of your horse and stand at the spot where you see this code. Since there is one . before the u, you go Up 1. Then left 3 because there are 3 dots and an L. So here are the total directions:

1 up

3 left

2 up

5 right

1 down

4 right

5 up

2 left

2 down

2 left

2 up

1 left

2 up

2 left

4 down

2 left

6 up

6 right

3 up

That gets you through to the hut at the end.

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Q: How do you pass all the traps in Secret Jungle Hideaway Entrance?
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