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How do you pass the purple smoke in 'Twilight Princess'?


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September 13, 2011 5:49AM

If you are talking about the palace of twilight you have to find a sol and when you get near the smoke it will go away but be careful because the hand you take it from will try to take it back. There are two sols and when you get them and place them in the front of the palace in the holes the sols will transfer there energy into your sword so when you have you sword out it will go away.

P.S. There is a holographic Zant and you have to beat him before you get the sols.Ask this question if you want to know how to beat him.In Zelda twilight princess how do you beat the holographic Zant?

If you are talking about the forest where you start, you'll need the lantern. A monkey steals it at helps you through