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How do you perform phone sex?

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tell them to come over

2007-12-27 22:05:56
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Q: How do you perform phone sex?
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What do you say when you are having phone sex?

Phone sex between two people conversing IS called "Phone Sex." Phone sex using text messaging is called "Sexting."

How to get horney?

phone sex computer sex

In what type of cells does respiration?

Either sex cells or body cells. Sex cells perform mieosis, and body cels perform mitosis.

Can human cells perform mitosis?

all cells perform mitosis, except sex cells which perform meiosis

How do you have phone sex?

Traditionally, you talk to someone on the phone while talking very explicitly about sex. There is also bringing yourself and the person you are speaking with to an orgasm, by masturbation. --Masturbate and groan into the phone. Eww that is absolutly gross!!! A good place to find phone sex and mobile phone sex website listings is at -

Where can you get womens phone number that want to meet for sex?

hello lets meet today

Can a mayor refuse to perform a same-sex marriage in New York state?

A mayor is not required to perform marriages in New York State. However, if he does choose to perform marriages, he may not discriminate against same-sex couples. If a mayor does not wish to perform same-sex marriages, then he must stop performing any marriages.

Can a boy suck another boy?

Yes, if you mean oral sex. Yes they can perform that, anone can perform oral sex. It's just a matter in which you/they are gay or not. There is no problem in that.

What are the merit of mobile phone?

phone sex while traveling

Is their a sex phone number?

If you think about phone sex there are many companies providing that. The numbers are not something will provide though.

What does third base mean in a relationship?

To perform oral sex

How do you make semen come out of the penis?

Have sex or perform masturbation.

What does going down on a guy mean?

To perform oral sex.

What is the phone number of the Museum Of Sex in New York New York?

The phone number of the Museum Of Sex is: 212-689-6337.

Is a lg cookie a girls phone?

No phone can be a 'girl phone' phones are made for either sex

What activity can elodea cells perform that onion cells cannot?

they can have sex

Can two girls have phone sex?


Is phone sex better than sex in bed?

No, of course not. More pleasure in the bed.

What is gay sex?

Gay sex is the intimate expression of sex between members of the same sex. There are many different kinds of gay sex. Gay sex varies as much as heterosexual sex varies.There is anal, where each man or just one inserts his penis in the other man's anus and humps him. Heterosexual couples (men and women) can also do this. There is also the "penis scissor," where the men scissor and rub and push their penises against each other. There is oral sex, in which one sucks the other's penis, and the "69" position.Gay sex isn't much different than straight sex. Males can perform penetrative sex known as anal sex. Women can also perform penetrative sex but usual use "toys." And homosexual males and females can perform oral sex. another answer: there's also mutual masturbation...

How do you go about getting your own 900 sex phone line?

apply to the phone company

Can I be alerted to my phone ringing outside my house?

You can buy various products which connect to your phone and perform this task.

Why do married couples have phone sex?

Some married couples may enjoy phone sex and since they are married, why not go for it? In other situations, phone sex may be the couple's way to stay connected with each other during long periods of separation (such as travel for business).

Is the archos 7 a phone?

No. The Archos 7 is a IMT (Internet Media Tablet) not a phone. Although it can perform a few capabilites that a phone would have.

Are same-sex civil unions legal in Alaska?

No. Alaska currently does not recognize or perform same-sex civil unions.

Mobile phone antenna?

vibrates when ure phone does... therefore makes a great sex toy!!