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How do you pick up a guinea pig?

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All you do is you gently put one hand under her/his chest and the other under its bum !

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Will your guinea pig like you if you pick him up?

If it's a new guinea pig, pick him up as much as possible, so he gets used to it. I once knew a guinea pig that was never socialized with, and he was afraid of everything that moved. If it is an older guinea pig, and he isn't friendly, then he will hate being picked up.

How do you clean guinea pig poop?

pick it up

Do you pick up your guinea pig on the first day?

yes, you can and it should be fine.

How do you get your guinea pig to like to be handled?

You should pick the guinea pig up on a regular basis, making it used to being handled. Make sure to be careful with him/her and pick it up from the behind.

When can you pick up guinea pig pups?

You can pick up the baby guinea pigs when they are about 6 weeks old. My guinea pig had babys and that's what all the pet store people said. I hope i answerd your question!

Why does your female guinea pig squeal when you pick her up by her stomach?

She may not like the way you pick her up.

Can you pick up your month old guinea pig?

Yes, in fact its alright to pick up the guinea pig a day or two after being born as long as its not for very long periods of time. You can hold your month old guinea pig as long as you would like.

Can you pick up a pregnant guinea pig?

yes not to much though

What does it mean when a guinea pig makes a noise when you pick it up?

its normal

How long should you wait until you pick up your new guinea pig?

You should wait until you have enough supplies for your guinea pig.

How can you tell your guinea pig trusts you enough to let you pick it up?

the guinea pig will not run away when it sees you, it will also seem excited to be around you.

What do you do if your guinea pig is on its back kicking?

Pick it up and put it on it's feet?

What does it mean if youre guinea pig wont let you pick them up?

Your weird

When can i pick up my baby guinea pig?

You can pick it up as soon as it is dry. Be gentle and make sure you know how to hold a guinea pig properly. It is actually good to hold them a lot when they are young, as it gets them used to humans.

Why does my guinea pig squeal when i try to pick her up?

it doesnt like u hhAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Can you lift up a pregnant rabbit?

probably, because my guinea pig was pregnant and i was able to pick her up

Why does your guinea pig squeak every time you pick her up?

Some guinea pigs might not like being picked up and get all upset about it.

How can you tell the sex of a guinea pig?

if you pick up your guinea pig and look at its bum if it only has like a y shape it is a female if its a male it will have a y shape with like a dot:)

How can you pick up your guinea pig out of its cage without scaring it?

I have a guinea pig that's very skittish and i can pick him up without scaring him by making sure he sees my hand before i touch him. I pet his back and then once you can pet him without him moving just stick you hand under his stomach and pick him up.

What to do if a guinea pig is behind a fence?

pick it up or if its a high fence climb over the fence

How do you get the guinea pig out of its cage?

You have to catch it. If you don't like holding the guinea pig then trap it in a tunnel or box. If you do catch it with your hands NEVER pick it up by its neck, ears, or legs because guinea pigs are delicate.

How do you pick up an injured guinea pig?

Okay first lets get this straight i had a Guinea pig and i still have it that always jumped out of my hands so one day my mom was sleeping and ralphie (My Guinea Pig) broke his legs. :( dont pick it up where hurts it will hurt even More, instead just put His/her up and and give them a treat dont worry in a few weeks he/she will be fine rescources Me.

What do you do if dried poop is on your guinea pigs foot?

Either leave it, it should come off in the sawdust or wood shavings, whatever is in your guinea-pig's cage, or, you can pick up the guinea-pig and flick it or pick it off.

Why won't your guinea pig let you pick her up?

Most likely because she is pregenant but it could be that she is ill

Why would your guinea pig run away every time you touch her?

Guinea pigs are known to be very shy, so you have to prove to the guinea pig that you are gentle by simply approaching your guinea pig slowly and calmly and then eventually pet or pick him/her up. You can also find ways to tame your guinea pig, either with food or a treat. Try to do anything to make it feel safe. You can simply be dealing with a guinea pig that is nervous, or you are dealing with something that is very common and normal for your guinea pig.