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The easiest way to get a lien on a boat is with the cooperation of the Title Holder, simply by putting the lender's name in the "lienholder" spot on the Certificate of TITLE, or "pink slip." That is one way your boat dealer could get a lien on a boat at the time of purchase, or at any time with the cooperation of the owner, the title can be modified to include a lien holder. Of course, like any lien, if there are already liens existing against the boat, the later lien will not be paid until after the "senior" liens. To get a lien on a boat for services, say a marina puts a lien on your boat for rent owing, the party seeking the lien must file documents with the DMV, since boats are considered "vehicles" for the purposes of the Motor Vehicle Codes. If the owner of the boat has declared it as their primary residence with the local tax assessor, I believe the boat will be exempt from any liens. As far as a lien for services rendered where the boat is not in the possession of the lien seeker, I believe they still go through the DMV. THis process involves the mailing of notices and an opportunity to object to the lien before it is perfected. Of course, without the boat in their possession, they will have real trouble trying to execute their lien.

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2008-04-12 23:24:55
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Q: How do you place a lien on a boat?
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Of course they can. The title probably shows a lien on the boat. Until you pay in full, they can take the boat back.

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