How do you place a lien on a house?

This is best answered by a Real Estate attorney. There are several different liens that can be put on a home and they can best guide you how to do that. If you dont have the money for that then call your local court house and ask the clerk of the court what your options are. If the debt was incurred due to repairs or improvement on the property itself a Mechanic's Lien can be filed against the property in the office of the county clerk or recorder of deeds in the county where the property is located. This type of lien can be filed by a contractor, subcontractor, building materials supplier, laborer, a person who supplied the labor or material to improve the property through repairs or additional construction. This type of lien does not apply to a loan obtained to do the actual repair or improvements. If the lien is for any other type of debt (credit card, personal loan, promissory contract, etc.) the person seeking recovery for a debt must sue the debtor in the appropriate state court, receive a judgment against the debtor and execute the judgment as a lien against property or the portion of property that is owned by the debtor.