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A beach wedding can be a great wedding that is sure to be different. There is something about getting married under the open skies with the sound of the waves crashing in the background that is somehow very appealing and tempting.

It can be fun to plan a beach wedding, albeit very different from planning a regular wedding. Here are some ideas to help in planning a beach wedding:

  • Keep in mind that since the beach is an open venue, there is always a chance of it raining on the big day. Either have a tent put up on the beach to accommodate all your guests; or if you don't want to do that then reserve an indoor venue as a back-up.
  • If you are having a real intimate wedding, then you need not arrange for seating for the guests. However, if you are expecting a lot of guests or if you expect the ceremony to be a long one, then you need to make seating arrangements. Beach seating can be a very challenging affair, as the legs of the chairs sink in the sand. To make seating and walking easier, rent flooring for your beach wedding. Flooring is quite easy to rent and is also not very expensive. It could be anything from simple carpet to parquet.
  • Try and schedule the wedding for early morning or in the evening so that you do not have to deal with the harsh sun. Have iced drinks circulated amongst the guests, as this will help them stay cool and refreshed. Rent some large electric fans for the wedding and having small paper fans for guests to use is also a good idea.
  • Having bug spray and sunscreen handy for the guests to use is good consideration for your wedding guests.
  • If you are having the wedding at a public beach, see that you have the requisite permission and that you follow any public rules or regulations. Hiring a wedding service is great if you want to keep any curious onlookers on the beach away from your wedding site.
  • The bride should ideally dress in a nice and comfortable wedding dress that reflects a beach wedding. It is not possible to look graceful while walking in high heels on the soft sand. So wear flat shoes or no shoes at all! A casual yet classy hairstyle is better than leaving your hair loose.
  • Remember to have your wedding license handy to give to the person officiating the wedding. And most important of all, have fun and cherish the memories of your beach wedding forever!
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I would like to plan my wedding for Daytona Beach, Florida?

Daytona Beach, Florida is a great place for a destination wedding. Many attractions (like Disney and Sea World) are less than an hour away. You could also plan to have your wedding on a cruise ship and leave from Port Canaveral!

what store usually sells beach wedding dresses?

Many brides wear traditional wedding dresses for beach weddings. There are no specific styles just for beach weddings; however, you would probably want to look for a dress without a long train and with minimal lace. Wedding Tropics does have some styles that would be better suited for a beach wedding at

Is a wedding plan book used throughout every religion?

A wedding plan book can be used no matter what religion one believes, but not all people use a wedding plan book. To make memories, many use a wedding plan book.

Do you need chairs for your beach wedding?


Should you dress formal for a wedding?

Yes, if it's a formal wedding - it is a way to respect the bride and groom. But if the wedding venue is based on beach areas you can consider beach wedding dresses that might better to show your appearance.

What is dress summer white for a wedding?

I've been told that white comes in different shades. For a summer wedding, you could get married at the beach and beach wedding is more and more popular.

What to wear when getting married on the beach?

Google " beach wedding dresses" in images

Do you hold wedding at your beach or on your beach?

On the beach because you would stand/sit on the breach. But, it could also be at it.

Where did the wedding sand ceremony originate?

On the beach

What city in Florida is the best for beach wedding?

The best beach to get married on i have to say is south beach in Miami Florida

What do wedding planners have to do?

Plan weddings.

What stores online sell beach wedding dresses?

I would personally recommend websites like and many more from looking it up online via the internet. From there you can buy a wedding dress that's suitable for a wedding taking place at the beach.

How long on average does it take to plan a wedding?

on average most people plan their wedding for 6-12 months i hope this helps

What a wedding designer needs to plan a wedding?

A wedding designer doesn't plan a wedding, he designs it. The wedding planner has to plan every single details of the wedding : guests, outfits, ceremony, reception, food, drinks, music, photos, wedding cake... He's the wedding coordinator. Whereas the wedding designer is in charge of the decoration only. Also, some wedding planners take care of the decoration too. As I do. It can be less expensive if the wedding planner is in charge of everything. I hope it can help you. Johanna, Cherry Wedding : wedding planner Paris

Where can one find beach wedding ideas?

One may find beach wedding ideas on the website "Bridal Guide". They have some informative articles with tips and ideas specifically for beach style weddings.

Where to?

A wedding Planner to plan the Where to event... (yes they plan those too!!)

How much does it cost for a wedding in goa?

It depend on the kind of wedding you want to have. If you are going to have beach wedding or destination wedding it will cost so much as compare to normal.

What is the cheapest way to plan a wedding?

The cheapest way to plan a wedding is to do everything yourself. Cut corners where you can like making your own cake.

Would it cost to have a wedding on the beach?

It depends on rich you are.

What would you want at your honeymoon but not your wedding?

Swimming at the beach.

What are some beach wedding favors one could use?

There are many different beach wedding favors that can be given. Of course there are the standard favors, candy, flowers, etc. On a beach wedding you could also give large sea shells with something inside them, like candy or a small gift.

Who was Katie prices wedding planner?

She didn't have a Wedding Planner. Alex and Katie both decided that they didn't need a Wedding Planner to plan there Wedding.

Wedding Financing?

Wedding Financing is important to ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams. Plan your wedding date and start saving in advance so that you can afford everything.

What actors and actresses appeared in Plan Your Dream Wedding - 2004?

The cast of Plan Your Dream Wedding - 2004 includes: Christine Bersola as herself

Where can one design wedding invitations with a beach theme?

There are several websites that you can design Wedding Invitations at. Some good options for Wedding Invitations with a Beach Theme are at the Zazzle and WeddingPaperDivas Websites.