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Buy the PS2 version of the game FIFA Soccer 10 for your region

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โˆ™ 2010-11-08 05:40:34
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Q: How do you play FIFA 10 on an old PlayStation 2?
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Is Creed good?

it is for stupid people . play madden 10 or FIFA 12 on the playstation

Is assisin creed good?

it is for stupid people . play madden 10 or FIFA 12 on the playstation

Is FIFA 10 to Playstation 2?

yes fifa 10 is for psp ds ps3 360 and also dsi i believe

Which ones better FIFA 10 on WII or FIFA 10 on playstation?

FIFA 10 on ps3 is better in every aspect. Graphics, controls and ease among many others.

How do you get fifa 11 ultimate team if you dont have fifa 10 ultimate team?

Download it from PlayStation Network

What can a 10 year old do when he is bored?

you can play your PlayStation or watch scary movies or go to friends house

What are the best players in FIFA 10?

Amir Hanif the best player in FIFA 10 on the playstation 3 he has won countless matches and scored over 5 goals in every match he has played in so that makes him the best player online in FIFA 10 once again the be FIFA 10.In recent game of FIFA,FIFA 09 he has beaten people and won most of them but in FIFA 10 Amir has won every match he has played well if you think that you can defeat him well add him on your PlayStation Network,amir2010 add him if you would like a exiting challenge once again the best player in FIFA 10 Amir Hanif

Can you play in the MLS on FIFA 10?

Yes you can.

Who does kaka play for in fifa 10?


Does FIFA 10 have the world cup?

No it do not, Fifa 10 or any other fifa is just a simple game to play leagues and friendlies.No world cup in them.

How can you play FIFA World Cup in FIFA 10 psp?

i dont think that world cup mode is there in fifa 10. it is there as a seperate game called 2010 fifa world cup the game.

Do they have a Sims 3 for PlayStation 2?

No, but they do have sims 2 on playstation 2. No new games coming out in 2010 and onwards will be made for the ps2, apart from maybe fifa 10.

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