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How do you play Indigo Prophecy with no CD?

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You make a virtual CD for it and mount it with an image disk program, or simply download a cracked executable for it.

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Where do you play Pokemon indigo free?

Go to Pokemon indigo online.

What are websites where you can play sonic CD?

No You can't play Sonic CD on the Websites, You play Sonic CD on the Sega CD, Right?

Do you have to pay to play at Poke'mon Indigo?


Can you play a DVD in a CD player?

No, But you can play a CD in a DVD player.

Can a CD player make a CD play out of tune?

CD player has nothing to do with the cd play tune unless the cd has some problem and its not working properly. It can be scratches on cd or something like that.

Can a CD player play Cd-r and CD-roms?

They can play Cd-r's , example : a Cd-r that was copied & or burned from a pc. But , They can not play CD'S / software CD's (made) for a pc. jkvssc

Can you play Pokemon games besides indigo crater BLACK TPPC?

you can play Pokemon lake its a bit different to Pokemon indigo but still its fun

What type of CD do you use for playing music on a CD player?

There are two main types of CDs to use for a CD burning process: audio CD and Data CD. Audio CDs can play anywhere while a Data CD can play on a computer but may not play on a standalone CD player.

Can you Play a CD on a MP3 unit?

Yes, if it is an MP3 CD Player. I don't believe that there are any of these that will not play a regular CD.

How do you play a mp3 disc on a CD player?

Depends. If your CD player supports MP3, it will play just like any other CD. If it doesn't support it, there's no way to play your MP3 CD.

Who wrote the play Nildarpan?

Dinabandhu Mitra wrote the play about indigo farmers.

How do you play battlefield Vietnam without a CD?

You, can burn a CD on MagicISO and will copy the CD files to the computer and other programs that allow you to play the game without a CD.

What is the difference between a CD player and a CD changer?

a cd player is designed to hold and play only 1 cd at a time where a cd changer can hold multiple cds and will let you select which cd to play. you will have to remember which cd is in which place in the player

What CD can be used in cars?

Newer cars can play almost any CD. Many older cars have players that will not play CD-R or CD-RW. If your CD player and the user manual do not show the CD-R, CD-RW, or MP3 logos, you probably will not be able to play anything but factory recorded music.

What CD can be used to burn from computer to play back on CD walkmans?

Cd-R or Cd-RW

What is a CD in MP3 format?

It is a CD, but instead of having stand CDA (CD audio) files on it, the disc has MP3 files on it. It wont play on CD players that only play CDA, but it should play on any CD player that supports MP3 decoding.

Is CD the same as CD-R?

No. CD-R will play the same on systems today but it's not the same and will not play in pre CD-R systems (like say a 1988 CD player).

How can you play medal of honor allied assault without a CD?

You can not, to play the game you must have the CD.

What is required to play music CD on computer?

programming can be require to play music cd on computer

Can CD player play mp3?

A CD player cannot play mp3 files. However, mp3 music can be burned onto a CD-R and played on a CD player.

What prophecy does Banquo recall at the end of the opening of act 3?

The witches' prophecy of course. There are no other prophecies in the play.

Hitman 2 is asking for CD though you have installed it and your CD is in your CD rom can you play it without CD?


Do you need the CD to play Aion?

no the CD is only to install it.

How do you play Starcraft with no CD?

Search for the no CD carck in "Gamecopyworld"

How do you play spore without a CD?

you need to buy the cd.