How do you play Skins Card Game?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Skins is a game where the low hand wins. Skins is played using a standard deck of cards, aces through kings. To begin the game each player cuts the cards to determine who starts the deal. The high card deals. The dealer deals the cards clockwise starting with the player on their left rotating sequentially until each player has been dealt four cards. The next card is placed face up to start the discard pile and the remaining part of the deck is laid face down to establish the stock pile.

Card values are face value with these exceptions:

King = 0 pts Jack = 0 pts Queen = 10 pts

Five = negative 5 pts and 2 fives -10, 3 fives -15

All other cards if paired face up = 0,

Players look at two cards in their hand and the other two remain face down on table (blind cards). Blind cards are played without the player's knowledge of their value. If a player looks at more than two cards dealt to them, they forfeit that hand.

The player to left of dealer starts by taking a card from the stock pile or discard pile. The player then discards any one card to the discard pile from the cards in hand or blind. Then they turn one card face up in their hand. The next player then starts their turn. Once a card has been turned face up, it cannot be changed or discarded during the remaining turns. It's best to turn up your lowest cards first or start a pair.

In Hand Turned Face Up

Players rotate through four turns, each time:

1. Taking a card from stock or discard pile.

2. Discarding one card to the discard pile.

3. Turning one card up in their hand.

A card taken from the discard pile cannot be returned to the discard pile on that same turn.

After four turns all cards are turned face up in each players hand. Sum point values of cards. The lowest total wins the skin.

Board Use: The player that wins hand (skin) moves their peg forward one position for each skin won. The holes row is moved forward one peg position to indicate what hole is being played. In case of a ,tie between two players having lowest scores no one wins the skin, it is pushed to the next hole. Players move the push peg up one and move the hole count forward one peg. This indicates the next hole is playing for two skins.

Skins Boards are available at:

Skins is a trademarked name, Reg. No. 3,739,070. The description and all information in this post has been written by Kim Johnson. The Skins game was invented and patented by Kim Johnson under patent #US20100096808

This description or the Skins Game cannot be used for any purpose for profit or distribution without express written permission by Kim Johnson.
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Q: How do you play Skins Card Game?
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