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You can only get alucard in Julius mode and you will unlock Julius mode if you beat the game with the good ending. Alucard is in the demon guest house near where you got mina's talisman. Once he joins you then you can switch between him and Julius (and Yoko if you got her from her "shop" too).

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Q: How do you play as alucard in castlevania dawn of sorrows?
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How do you be Alucard on castlevania aria of sorrow?

You cannot. There is a ROM hacked version which uses him as the main character, and he is playable in the sequel, Dawn of Sorrow, but unobtainable in regular play of Aria.

Is there an action replay code for castlevania dawn of sorrow to play as death?

NO!.... wait a minuet there is! the code is DEE5067K JYXK665A V509KKKM P.S it work so well your eye will see it!!!!!!!!

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