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When the screen comes on that says level one, get ready. When the top of the screen reads 'BUMP', press any button 2 or three times. It doesn't matter how full the bar is, you can still win. The game is mostly luck. Continue pressing any button quickly to increase your chance of winning.

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Q: How do you play bump on a tamagotchi?
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How do you win bump on your tamagotchi?

you can't

How do you play bump on tamagotchi?

Its kind of just luck, but if you keep clicking the middle button from beginning to end, it might help.

How do you get money fast on Tamagotchi v3?

There are 6 games when you grow up to be an adult This one, you get when you are a kid It is called Bump Bump is sort of a boxing game, where you bump into your opponent over and over again and try to knock him down. To play, you have to keep pushing the B button or the middle button simultaneously. The best way to play, and this is the way i play it and it always works, is to get really really heavy, or get up to 99 LB. That is the heaviest you can get to be on a tamagotchi v3. So, have your tamagotchi eat alot and alot, so it gets to 99 LB, and then, play Bump. If you get up to round 8 and you win, you beat the game and becomme the champion. With this reward, you also get $600 or 600 tamapoints, gotchipoints, however you call it. So, play this game over and over, get obese, and you will become a rich tamitch really quickley, so play BUMP.

How do you play jump tamagotchi v2?

how to play jump on tamagotchi v2

How do you get mimitchi on your tamagotchi v3?

You play many games and hope that it turns into the tamagotchi you want.

How do you play small bump on the guitar?

you play a small bump on the guitar

How do you get money on tamagotchi's?

You can get money on tamagotchi by playing games. Otherwise, if you have a computer and a tamagotchi version 4, 4.5, 5 or 6 you can go on TAMAGOTCHI TOWN on the Internet, put the password, play games and earn money and log off.

How do you get intellagince points for your tamagotchi?

Play Games!

How do you play your tamagotchi online?

you go to

What can you do with the tamagotchi v4?

You can play games , meet other tamagotchi's you can get your tamagotchi pregnant and basically just look after it :) And you can do over 10 diffrent jobs (new only on v4)

What type of device does one need to play Tamagotchi Town?

In order to play Tamagotchi Town one must have a Tamagotchi toy. Tamagotchi toys would simulate the life cycle of a real pet, which enable the kids to experience the responsibility at the same time fun of taking care a pet.

How do you lose weight on tamagotchi V4?

You play games.