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go to and type in how to play guitar or type in how to play,,, then type your favorite song in!=-)

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Why not? She has electric guitar in her music.

Yep, I play electric guitar for my school. I often practice at home on my acoustic and play at school on an electric.

yes he does, electric guitar and acoustic guitar

If your question is, can you practice guitar on the electric guitar the answer is YES.

You can start with either. Many people start with an acoustic guitar, then get an electric; others find an electric guitar easier to play at first, then get an acoustic. If you want to play exclusively rock, an electric guitar will suit you at first. Other kinds of music may call for acoustic guitar.

The difference between an electric guitar and an air guitar is a electric guitar is an actual guitar and an air guitar is imaginary. An air guitar is when people pretend to play a guitar with hand movements. An electric guitar converts vibrations of its steelcorded strings into electric current. These currents then go to a amplifier to make them louder.

Normal guitar, non electric.

He play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bass,

acoustic guitar. I don't think he ever played and electric guitar in his songs.

both if possible, but if you can only pick one definitely the electric guitar

An Acoustic you can play with out an amp but you can't change the sound level for it or the tone. An electric you plug in to an amp and you can change the tone of the guitar or the volume. In my oppinion electric guitar is more fun to play.

Yes, he plays acoustic and electric guitar.

No, he was known for playing the Electric Guitar.

offcorse, but there is sound difference.

well if you just started to play then you should totally get the acostic guitar but if youv'e been for ages get the electric guitar

Rhythm and lead are just styles of playing the same instrument. You can use an electric guitar amp to play either style.

There basically the same thing. If you can play electric you can play acoustic.

No--because the sound vibrations are longer on a bass than on a guitar, playing an electric bass on a guitar amp will blow the amp. You can play a guitar through a bass amp, though.

yes she can acoustic i believe *actually shes learning how to play the electric guitar

He plays electric guitar in his band. But the first guitar he bought was a classical guitar.

Yes. The electric guitar and acoustic guitar are played essentially the same way (I've never seen an acoustic with a whammy bar, but you don't have to use it on an electric either).

strike your fingers on the string

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