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Yes, Pokemon FireRed was made for the Game Boy Advance.

I think that Nintendo is trying to advance in technology and putting Pokemon games on the DS ONLY. There was 1 or 2 Pokemon games for the gamecube, so i think its possible that Wii will get some Pokemon games.they already made a Pokemon game for a wii Pokemon it is Pokemon revolusionPossibilityAnother possible answer is that Nintendo wants to keep the main Pokemon RP games to handhelds only. The Pokemon games started that way, so why not keep tradition?

Advance Map is only for editing the Pokemon ROM. You can't edit Pokemon data with it. That's how they made it. There are other programs that can edit Pokemon data though.

No, because gold was made for gameboy color, and emerald was made for gameboy advance

the Nintendo company and the Pokemon company made it

They are fan made games (Hacks) of other Pokemon games.

Wow. Just wow. >.> You can't! FR and LG are 3rd generation gameboy advance games. Buizel and Floatzel didn't exist when the games where made. So you can't.

It was maybe made a little after the first Pokemon games were made.

The first Pokemon games to come out in America was in 1998 Pokemon blue Pokemon red and Pokemon yellow for the game-boy color. Then about 2 years later the sequels to those games came out. they were Pokemon gold and Pokemon silver. After that three other games came out. They were Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald for the brand new game-boy advance and game-boy advance Sp. Then after those games the remakes of the first two games came out Pokemon fire red and Pokemon leaf green also for the game-boy advance. Then Pokemon evolved completely with the coming Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum for the new Ds. Which featured a touch screen and a game boy game slot so you can still play your favorite game-boy games. Then after a few years the ds itself changed. Nintendo soon came out with the new Ds light with a new sleek design. after wards they redesigned the ds and made the dsi. it had a camera and Internet capabilities. it also had a voice recorder and you could put different apps on it. then after they remodeled the system they made the remakes of Pokemon gold silver and crystal. Pokemon heart gold and soulsilver. now there is 2 more games out and a new system Pokemon black and Pokemon white for the dsi. also the new system that's coming out soon is the 3dsi. there aren't many details on it right now but what I've seen of it makes me really excited.I think the first games to be released were 'Pokemon - Red' and 'Pokemon - Blue'

The Music for the Pokemon games are made by the producers, of the Pokemon games. They are not created by other artists.

No Pokemon is made for Nintendo.

Pokemon is a game made in Japan.

No, there is not any Pokemon games for PSP because Pokemon is made for Nintendo. The PSP is made for Sony. So if you want to play Pokemon you would have to buy a gameboy or a DS.

I don't think that they are going to remake Pokemon yellow because the have already made remakes of Red and Blue in the gameboy advance SP gaming system. They also included the gyms from Red and Blue in the two new Pokemon games; Heart Gold and Soul Silver. There are 2 new Pokemon games coming out in spring 2010. They are Pokemon Black and White

Game Freak, creator of Pokemon video games and anime, also has done and made the Pokemon cards.

If you mean Pokemon games then yes Pokemon platnium will be the next in the series

It depends. Some fake games are made to ruin a system, and others are made to scam you. Some don't even have a microchip, just a plastic case.

62 games that actually contain pokemon including super smash bros

For Pokemon games made by Game Maker, you can download them from the related link.

Gamefreak invented the Pokemon games. First they were made in china then shipped over to USA.

No pokemon games were made for the virtual boy.

sorry dude but Pokemon was made in 1998

No. Pokemon is owned by nintendo. Ps2 is not made by nintendo, it is made by sony.

You can find official Pokemon mini games on the official Pokemon website, but there are fan-made MMORPGs like UnovaRPG, Pokemon Legends, Pokemon Vortex, Pokemon Lake, and many others.

Only official Pokemon games made by Nintendo are sold in stores. Hacked games aren't official games.