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Buy a headphone jack to have a red and white splitter. You can connect the headphone jack to your computer and the audio splitter to the aux. jack on your amplifier. The amplifier needs to be set on the aux setting. You can buy the headphone audio splitter @ Walmart for about 6 dollars.

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Q: How do you play music from your laptop through your amplifier speakers?
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What is a pick up regarding ukulele?

A pick up is a connection device that can be connected to an amplifier to allow the music to be put through speakers.

Music stops after unplugging earphones from laptop?

No. There are speakers in the laptop. But, if no sound is coming out of them, they are most likely muted. If they are not muted, and they are still not producing music, check the volume of the music you are playing. If this is not the case, your laptop speakers are most likely broken, and are in need of repair.

What does CD does?

The CD is a compact disc, a carrier for reproducing music or other sounds. It must be put into a CD player, which reproduces the sound through an amplifier and speakers.

How do you stop your laptop echoing when music is playing?

You aren't going to get good fidelity sound from a laptop's internal speakers. Try a decent set of headphones or earbuds, or get external speakers.

What are some great sources for bass amplifier head?

An amplifier head is needed to drive a cabinet of speakers to make up an amplification rig for playing bass guitar through. Heads can be bought separately from your local music shop or on-line supplier.

How do you make music loud?

Amplify your music with an electronic amplifier. or just turn up your volume. or hook the music to some MEGA speakers and BLAST those puppies!!!

do any joggers have built-in music?

The Jeep Overland has the Music on the Move System which means the parent tray contains speakers, an amplifier and an outlet for your portable music player.

What is a stereo system?

Regarding music: A stereo system has a stereo amplifier which has two output channels (left and right). The system has two speakers (left and right), and some kind of input device such as a turn table or a cd player or a radio tuner. The signal from the input device goes into the amplifier, it is amplified, and is heard through the two speakers.

Can you listen to music with your laptop conneccted to your sterio?

Yes, if your stereo accepts a line in cord, you can connect your laptop to it and play music through it.

Is the speakers output or input?

Speakers are OUTPUT devices. Sound is provided from the source (i.e. music CD, microphone, video) out through the speakers.

How can you listen to music from you computer on stereo speakers?

well i have speakers that automatically work. but if you have a computer there should be a plug at the back (i think) but if you have a laptop like me there is one on the left hand side

1 If you have just installed a new sound card and its drivers and connected the speakers and amplifier You insert a music CD into the drive to test the drive Windows Media Player launches and says?

Insert a music CD in the optical drive. A. Check the volume controls on the speaker amplifier.

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