How do you play rar file?

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.Rar files are basically compressed sets of files into a smaller file. (similar to .zip files) if you want to open .Rar files on a Mac you need a program called UnRarX 2. It is free

If you wish to open .Rar files on a PC you need a program called WinRar. There are many versions of it available on the web and it has a free forty day trial.

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Q: How do you play rar file?
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How do you play a rar file on windows media player?

A .rar file is not a media file. It is a compressed archive. The archive itself may well contain one or more media files within it, but you must decompress the file to open them. In order to decompress a .rar file, you need a utility like WinRAR to open it.

How do you play Pokemon ranger-shadows of almia on nogba if it is rar?

All you need to do is right click the rar file and click on extract here then load the file you extracted with the no$gba

How do you convert vnw file to rar?

rename the file and change vnw to rar and extract

How do you convert rar file to iso?

You extract the .rar file using WinRAR and get the .iso from it.

Can a computer play a RAR file?

yes, if its a multimedia file. you just have to drag and drop in the media player you are using.

Do you have to have Winrar to open a Rar file?

you can use other programs also to open a rar file

How do you extract rar files in Linux?

1. Use the rar command. rar e <rar file name>

How will you play rar game file downloaded from torrent?

You can play rar games by using the WinRAR program to extract the files. if you dont have WinRAR you can downoal it free from their website

How do you use rar files?

The RAR file type is a type of compressed file. The contents of the file can only be accessed by using a decompression program that reads RAR files such as WinRAR. When you open the RAR file with an applicable decompression program you will be given the opportunity to extract its contents similar to a ZIP file.

How do you convert rar file into bin file?


How do you open a file locked rar?

You need to get a RAR file converter. For Windows, you can get a 40 day free trial from RAR Labs - See the Related Link below. You may also need a password - that would have to come from the person that supplied the original RAR file.

How do you convert rar to iso?

RAR and ISO are forms of file compression formats. In order to convert a RAR file to ISO file, one needs to first extract the contents of the RAR into a folder. After this, use ISO creating softwares such as Power ISO or Brasero to convert the folder contents into one ISO file.

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