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you have to play certain notes in the key of F i figured it out and you can to.

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Q: How do you play the juggernog theme on trombone?
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How do you play the Simpson's theme song on trombone?

Do a web search for The Simpsons Theme Trombone& you'll find sheet music & instructional videos.

Why cant i play high notes on sesame street theme on the trombone?

To play high notes you have to tighten your lips and blow hard

Can a trombone play chords?

A single Trombone cannot play a chord by itself.

What instrument did Tommy Dorsey play?

The trombone.

Is there a trombone music sheet for Bella's lullaby?

yes there is i play trombone and i play this peice.

Does a trombone play classical musical?

The trombone does not play classical music, it plays jazz. :)

What sounds does the trombone make when you play the trombone?

A brassy one :P

Can you play the trombone if you play the trumpet?


Is a low e hard to play on trombone?

no it isnt its actually pretty easy to play it ona tenor trombone

What is the Trombone recognized by?

The Sackbut where the trombone was continued from, thank you to everybody asking questions about the trombone, the instrument that i play and know alot about.

What instruments do take that play?

they play the trumpet and trombone

How do you play casino royale on the trombone?

Well your are going to need a trombone and then need to take lessons how to play the instrument. Then get the sheet music for the piece and play it. You won't be able to learn how to play the trombone from reading a book; rather you are going to have to learn to play this instrument from the beginning.