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Q: How do you play you found me by the Fray?
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You Found Me is found on which album?

You Found Me is on The Fray's second album, which is self-titled "The Fray".

What band plays the song you found me?

the fray the fray

What movie is the song you found me by the fray from?

While played on several movie trailers as well as promos for television shows, The Fray's song 'You Found Me' has not been featured on any movie soundtracks. You can find the song on The Fray's self-titled album, The Fray.

Who sings 'You found me'?

The Fray.

Who sing you found me?

The Fray.

What is the fray's new song called?

'you found me'

You found me by the fray?

Please specify what your question is.

The fray you found me?

The Fray is a piano based rock band from Denver Colorado. Some of their most notable somgs are "How to Save a Life", "Over My Head (Cable Car)" and "You Found Me"

What is the name of the song that goes lost and insecure you found me?

"You Found Me," sung by The Fray.

What song has these lyrics in it I found god smokin' his last cigarette?

The Fray..."You Found Me"

What did Estevanico do?

Estevanico Went off to find gold and riches with fray Marcus but somebody killed him:( but fray Marcus found gold:)

Where can one see a video of Look After You by The Fray?

To see a video of Look After You by The Fray, one should visit The Fray's official website. The video would be posted there. The video could also be found on YouTube or iTunes.

What Genre Does The Fray play?

The Genre that they play is Rock, it has a tip of pop, and country into it, but its mainly Rock

According to The Fray's song You Found Me where did they find God?

I found God on the corner of First and Amistad

How missions did father junipero serra found?

fray junipero serra found 9 missions

Is the song You Found Me by the Fray a Christian song?

It can go either way.

Is canned Fray Bentos Corned Beef banned in Australia?

No, it is not banned and can be found is most large supermarkets in Australia, as can the other flavours of fray bentos canned meals.

What instrument does Dave Welsh from The Fray play in their cover of heartless?

electric autoharp

Who found Mission Santa Clara de Asis?

Fray Junioero Serra

Who sings Don't say if i were you?

just put in fray and the song is called " you found me."

What are The Frey most famous for?

The Fray are most famous for their song 'You Found me.' The Fray are an American rock band formed in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. They are currently still together and active as a band.

Who wrote the song You Found Me?

More recently, The Fray. Also, Kelly Clarkson and FFH have songs entitled "You Found Me"

Where can the words to the song you found me be found?

The words to the song You Found Me by Fray can be found online at sites such as metrolyrics, lyricsmode, elyrics and azlyrics. You can also find videos posted on youtube.

What is the opposite of fray?

Scince a fray is a fight the opposite of fray is when you bury the hatchet.

Does cotton fray?

no it does not fray