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just ask him what he wants and if your willing to go with it, then i guess its ok. That's what i did and it worked for me cause odds are the guys going to wait for you to ask that question

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โˆ™ 2005-09-15 11:59:45
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Q: How do you please your boyfriend in bed the first time?
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I want to sexually please my boyfriend - but how - what do men like?

do what he wants in bed. dont be selfish.. do anything he wants- be as raunchy as you can be.

How do you make out with your boyfriend in bed?

you gie him ahand job first then start to kiss and he will start groping you as you do the same

How do you get girl in bed the first time?

just tell her theres somthin you want to show her in bed

You and your boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend were in bed together?

wow thts messed up

Can spouses have children in The Sims 3 Itouch app?

Yes, they can. They don't even have to be married, they can be boyfriend/girlfriend or fiance. You make them both relax in a double bed (click the double bed whilst your the sim you want) then you click the other sim in the bed with the sim you are using who is also in the bed and click "try for baby". It doesn't always work the first time.

What do in bed with your boyfriend?

You have sex or make out. If a guy wants to get in bed with you it means he wants t do it

How do you turn your best friend into your boyfriend?

get him into bed.

How can you impress your boyfriend in bed?

Put a strap-on...

Is it bad to lay with a guy in his bed when the guy is not your boyfriend?

well it depends what you did if he is your friend and there is nothing going on with you two then there is nothing bad about laying with a guy in his bed when he is not your boyfriend :)

How old is kesha's boyfriend?

Hey people out there this is real kesha and my boyfriend is 25 and we had sex in bed.

How can you excite your boyfriend in bed?

Practice Fellatio and swallow.

When was the first bed made?

when was the first bed

When my boyfriend and I are in bed. He asks me to find a man for him to enjoy like to suck another man off. He gets really hard when we talk about it. I don't Like it. What should I do?

It's time to find another boyfriend.

How do you force a child to stay in bed?

Tuck them in and say it is time to go to bed. The first time they come out say it is bed time and put them back in bed. The second time tell them goodnight and put them back in bed. Third time say NOTHING and put them back to bed, continue this until they stay in bed.The child will kick and scream, but don't give in. You could do this 100 times before it works but they will eventually give up and fall asleep.

Can you please show me a picture of a bed bug bite on a dog?

i would like to see a picture of a bed bug bite on a dog please..

What does it mean to dream that your boyfriend is in bed with another guy?

Dreams do not need to be taken literally, but can be understood symbolically. In this case, think of the expression, "he's in bed with the enemy." Or, "that politician is in bed with big money." Such expressions have nothing to do with sex, but mean that someone is cooperating with someone or something. Your dream probably expresses your feeling that your boyfriend spends too much time with his friends or perhaps with his business associates and clients, and not enough time with you.

Why does my ex-boyfriend sometimes still sleep in my bed?


How do you know if you're good in bed?

Your boyfriend will tell you, or your girlfriend.

How do you get your boyfriend to chain you to the bed and have hot rough sex?

ask him.

What time is bed time in French?

When you get free from all the work, its bed time.

What time is it when an elephant sit on your bed?

Time to get a new bed!

How do you please him in the bed?

Try the links below

How do you please your spouse in bed?

Be appreciative and enthusiastic.

Did Demi Lovato kiss her boyfriend in bed?

Yes, Google Demi lovato in bed and you'll see alot of pictures.

What is the meaning of giving bed sheet to your boyfriend?

THAT YOU WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't, don't give him bed sheets