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Q: How do you politely say excluded?
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How do you say nun politely?

Say it with me 'none'

How do you say no to a date?

Politely say no thank you and that you're not interested.

What does politely mean?

When You Say Something Nicely

How do you say pissed off politely?

you are mildly infuriating me.

How do you say brother in Cantonese?

If you want to say brother, as in Big Brother politely you pronounce it as: Dai Gou Gou. If you want to say brother, as in Little Brother politely you pronounce it as: Dia Dia. From Calv860

Do I say your furniture are beautiful or your furniture is beautiful?

You would politely say, "your furniture ISbeautiful."

How do you politely say how are you today in spanish?

como esta usted?

What if a girl say she like you as a friend and she have a boyfriend?

shes politely rejecting you.

How do you say mansion politely?

Manor, hall, adobe, ranch, estate

What type of evidence would be excluded at trial?

hear say.

How do you use politely in a sentence?

"Are you ok?", he said. I replied "yes" politely. My mother cuffed my head. "Say 'Yes thank you, Sir.'", she hissed. It's nice to see children talking polietly to elders. He asked her politely if she cared to dance with him.

If a person is pressured to drink alcohol at a party?

They should politely say "No thank you."

How do you tell your your girlfriend she has a mustache?

While kissing, politely say, "haha, that tickles."

How do you say no politely to a boy?

just say something like "sorry but no" and be sure to say it in a sincere voice.

How do you refuse a party invitation politely?

Say thankyou for the invite, but then say that you don't really feel like attending.

What is politely in Tagalog?

politely in Tagalog: pagkamagalang

What is the opposite word of rudely?


How do you beg someone say yes?

Don't beg, it is undignified. Just ask politely.

What's the Japanese word for who?

You may say 'dare' or, more politely, 'dochira-sama.'

How do you say Thank you in icelandic?

Takk fyrir, or, politely, Þakka þér (kærlega) fyrir.

How do you say old lady in polish?

politely - starsza pani rudely - stara baba

What if a friend invites you to watch a movie?

Say Yes if you want to go, politely No if you don't.

What is opposite of adverb politely?

The opposite of politely is impolitely.Both politely and impolitely are adverbs.

What is an adverb for politely?

The word politely is already an adverb.An example sentence is: "she politely asked her mother for a drink".

What part of speech is the word politely?

Politely is an adverb.