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Q: How do you pollinate the African violet?
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How are African violet seeds scattered?

Violets seeds are very hard and don't very often self pollinate so we need to puncture it with an exacto knife to get to the pollen to pollinate the stigma.

What is a miniature African violet?

A miniature violet is recognized by the African violet association to measure not larger than 6 inches in diameter.

What is anAfrican violet?

An African Violet is a flower, also known as saintpaulia.

What is the significance of an African violet?

The significance of an African violet is they make a nice hobby for a person. They signify beauty and sweetness.

Does the African violet have a simple leaf?


Can an African violet clone itself?


Will a marigold cross pollinate with an African daisy?

No they are to totally different types of plants, Marigold = Tagetes and African Daisy = Diamorphotheca. In order for them to cross-pollinate they have to be compatible at least at a genus level

What kind of seeds do African violets produce?

African violet seeds

Name a plant which is not green?

the african violet

How many leaves does a dogtooth violet?

These are not related to the African violet family, they are in the lily family.

What is the African violet's name?

'Saintpaulia' is the basic, genus name for all African violets. If the gardener doesn't know the exact kind of African violet, then the scientific, Latin or binomial name properly is written as 'Saintpaulia spp', with 'spp'meaning 'species'. But an example of a properly named African violet is 'Saintpaulia ionantha'. The word 'ionantha'means 'violet-like'. It's the name that was given to the very first African violet that came to the attention of Europeans, in 1892.

Is an African violet a monocot?

No, an African violet is not a monocot. Monocot types are: Orchids, iris, and daffodil's. Please look at the related link below.

What does an African violet plant look like?

Please view the related link below by clicking on the link. There are many gorgeous African violet varieties.

What flowering plants begin with the letter A?

· African Violet

Does an African violet flower?

With the right conditions ,yes.

Does an African violet have a stigma?

Absolutely, it does have a sticky stigma.

Name house plants starting with a?

· African Violet

What layer of the rainforest does the African violet live in?


Are African violets the same as a violet flower?


What is the delta sigma theta flower?

African violet

Is the African Violet vascular or non vascular?


What biome does a African violet live in?

Temperate forest

Does African violet reproduce by root cutting?

African violets are propogated by leaf cuttings.

What is an African violet classified as?

Usually African violets are classified as flowering indoor houseplants.

What is the African violets nickname?

African violet is the common name the proper name is Saintpaulia.