How do you prepare a solution of 1 M HCl?

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Exactly how you prepare will depend on what you are starting with. Typically to make a 1 M HCl solution, you will be starting with a stock solution of more concentrated HCl that you will then dilute.

See the Related Questions for complete instructions on how to prepare a solution by diluting a stock solution.

1M HCl Solution*Concentrated HCl. its 37.5%.

*The density of concentrated HCl is 1.189g/ml we will need this number as well, and of course the atomic mass of HCl 36.46

* Calculation=((37.5/100)(1000)(1.189))/36.46 = 12.2M

*If HCl concentrated is 12.2 M then to make a 1L solution of 1M HCL

(12.2) x = 1(1)

x = 1(1)/(12.2)
x=0.082ml/ml of water
x = 82mL HCl per liter
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How do one prepare a solution of 0.01M HCl?


How to prepare HCL solution?

Prepare HCl 1 M by HCl concentration 37 %. HCl concentration 37 % have density =1.19 g/ml. HCl 1 M use HCl 37 % 82.81 ml make volume with water to 1 liter

How do you prepare 0.1 N HCL solution?

molecular weight of HCL multiplied by N you are looking for (in this case 0.1) so, 0.1 x 36.46 = 3.646 gm (cc) of HCL to 1 Liter DI water

How do you prepare 1n hcl solution?

The density of 36% HCl is not 1000 g/L. it is closer to 1.48 g/ml. 1000 g/L is the density of water. using 1.48 g/ml means 100 ml would contain 148 g solution = .36x148 g HCl = 53.3 g HCl = 53.3 g / (36.5 g/mole) = 1.46 moles. if you dilute that to 1L you get 1.46 N HCl not 1N... ************* ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare HCL solution in Laboratory?

Hydrochloric acid is prepared by dissolving hydrogen chloride gas in water. Hydrogen chloride is a covalent compound, but when dissolved in water it ionizes to form hydrogen ions and chloride ions as follows:. By. Kuldeep K. bansal. INDIA

How do you prepare 0.1M HCL solution?

8.3ml HCl from 37% v/v stock bottle is required to prepare 0.1 M HCl solution.(answered by Prof.WASEEM UR RAHMAN KHAN)

How do you prepare the 10N HCl solution?

weigh out 365g of HCl pellets and dilute to 1 liter to prepare the 10N HCl solution.. Reasons:N is short for NORMAL SOLUTIONS, . The definition of a NORMAL SOLUTION is a solution that contains 1 gram equivalent weight (gEW) per liter solution. An equivalent weight is equal to the molecular weig ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 1M FeCl2 solution in HCl?

Take Fecl2 as per your desired molarity and then add it to .1 molar HCL solution. keep it on magnatic sterier for over night. for better result perform the whole experiment under an oxygen free nitrogen atmosphere

How to prepare 1N HCl solution?

1N HCl is also 1M HCl because it is mono-protic. Therefore 36.5 g of HCl is required per liter or 3.65%. Simply take 100 g of 37% HCl and make up to the 1 liter mark on the volumetric flask. Check the value by titration against 1M NaOH. It should be perfect. If very slightly strong dilute very sligh ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 6M HCl solution?

To make 6M of an HCl solution, you must first make 12M and divide.Thus, 50 mL of 12M HCl will dilute to 100mL, and will create 6M.

How do you prepare 0.1n HCl solution?

By dilution, but this depends totally on: . How much litres you want to have. (suppose V 1 Litre) . The concentration of the UNdiluted (more concentrated) HCl you have to start with. (suppose N 2 eq/L HCl) Then, with V 1 * N 1 = V 2 * N 2 , you can calculate V 2 , which is the amou ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 5 percent HCl solution?

As it is in the form of liquid dilute it with water for eg.,to make 10 ml of 5% H CL Take 0.5 ml of H CL and add 9.5 ml of water. this is based on the calculation Volume percent is a common expression of a solution,s concentration It is defined as:

How can you prepare 0.05N HCl from 1N HCl solution?

3.6ml of HCl is diluted and make it into 500ml with distilled water. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add 50 mL of HCl 1 N in a 1 L volumetric flask, class A or B; add ca. 900 mL distilled water to the flask. Place the flask in a thermostat at 20 0 ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 30mL of 1 M NaOH solution?

In order to prepare exactly 30 mL of 1M NaOH solution, a volumetric vessel that contains exactly 30 mL when full to a marked level will be needed. By definition, a 1 M solution contains one mole in a liter of volume, and since solutions are homogeneous, 30 mL of such a solution will require (30/1000 ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare HCL 2N solution?

HCL 2N solution is prepared by diluting it in a one to five ratio with water. It is not necessary to provide an outside force such as heat or pressure. Simple mixing with complete the dilution.

How do you prepare a 1N HCl solution?

Density of HCl: 1.48 g/ml Molecular weight of HCl: 36.5g/mole Concentration of HCl stock: 36% Concentration of another HCl stock: 12N Final volume: 1L Let's assume that we're making a 1N HCl solution. Using the 36% concentration stock, we'll need to find out how many ml we would need. How ( Full Answer )

How can you prepare 0.25 M HCL from 35 percent HCL?

you are not mentioned the desired volume. for example you want to prepare 0.25 M HCl in 100 ml. To make a 0.25 M solution, slowly add 2.207 mL of your stock (HCl) solution to 25 mL deionized water. Adjust the final volume of solution to 100 mL with deionized water.

How to prepare 0.2M HCl solution?

I assume you mean 0,2 M (0,2 mole/dm 3 ). Say we have a volume of 1 dm 3 , since you didn't specify that in your question. M HCl =35,5+1,01 g/mole = 36,51 g/mole n HCl =C/V n HCl =(0,2 moles/ dm 3 )/1 dm 3 = 0,2 moles m HCl =M/n m HCl =(36,51 g/ mole )/0,2 moles m H ( Full Answer )

How to prepare 0.2N HCl solution?

0.2 N HCl solution means 0.2 equivalents of HCl dissolved in 1 litre of water. Normality = Molarity x n-factor => Molarity =Normality/n-factor=0.2/1=0.2 M 0.2 moles should be present in 1 litre of solution. 0.2moles =0.2 x 36.5 = 7.3 grams of HCl =>Dissolve 7.3 grams of HCl in 1 litre i ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 5M HCL solution?

To prepare a 5M HCl solution, you need to know the concentration ofyour source of HCl. Then you can use this proportion C1V1=C2V2,where C=Concentration in M(moles/liter) and V=Volume(liters).

How do you prepare a solution of 1 M H2NO4?

It depends on how much you are trying to make and what you are diluting it from, but the formula for figuring it out is Molarity of starting solution times X (in which X is how much you will be adding) equals Molarity of the solution you are producing times its volume

How do you prepare 2M HCl solution from HCl?

There is 2 formula you need to know: M: n/V and n: m/Ma Ma: Molecular mass of HCI First step calculate the mol 2M: n/ 0.1 n: 0.2 n: m/Ma 0.2: m/ 36.5 m:7.3 Preparation: Get 7.3 ml of HCI pour it in the graduated cylinder (100ml) and add distilled water until it reaches 100ml. Thats all.

How do you prepare a solution of 1 M HCL using 35 percent HCL?

From interpolation of table values: (between 34% and 36%) 35.0 %(m/m) HCl => Concentration 413 g HCl/L => density 1.174 kg/L => molarity 11.27 mol/L [ cf. link to in Related links on: Concentration table of concentrated HCl solutions] To prepare an 1.0 M HCl (= 1.0 Molar) solution ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 1 mM HCL using 1 M HCL?

Suppose your question is to prepare 1 mM HCl of 100 ml using 1 M HCl? Take equation V1N1 = V2N2 V1 is the volume of your 1mM HCl, here V1= 100 ml N1 is the your desired concentration of HCl. here N1= 1 mM V2 is the required volume (ml) of 1M HCl to prepare 100 ml of 1mM, here V2 N1 is th ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 1 M solution from 6 M solution?

It's simple to dilute a solution, just add more water. If you have one liter of 6 molar solution, and add another 5 liters of water, it becomes a 1 molar solution. . You can also use M 1 V 1 = M 2 V 2 formula for dilution. For example, if you want to prepare 1 M of solution in 1 litre of wat ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare a solution of 1 M butyric acid?

You'll need to know two things: what is the concentration of butyric acid you are starting with and how much 1 M butyric acid you want to end up with. From this, you can calculate how much water you need to add to a given volume of concentrated butyric acid to make 1 M butyric acid.

How do you prepare 10 M HCL from 37 percent HCL?

37% HCl = { [ 37 (gHCl) / 100 (g sol'n) ] / 36.46 (gHCl/molHCl) } * 1,18 (g sol'n/mL sol'n) * 1000 (mL/L) = about 12 M HCl To prepare V Litres of 10M sol'n you should dilute [10*V]/12 Litre of 37% HCl solution to the total volume of V. Be very carefull with this addition of water.

How do you prepare 0.05 molar hcl solution?

You will need to know the molarity of the solution you work from. Remember when working with acid - always put acid to the water, never vice versa. If you have a 1M solution you will need to put 20 times the amount of water. If you have a 5M solution you will need to 100 times the amount of wa ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare 0.02 M of HCl?

0.02M=20mM(multiply x1000) From a 1M stock HCL I shall prepare 100ml of 20mM HCl by the following equation V1N1=V2N2 100mlx20mM=1000mMx"V2" V2=100x20/1000 =2ml. So add 2ml of 1M stock HCl plus 98ml of water to make 100ml of 0.02M HCL; this formula applies for any amount/concentration of ( Full Answer )

What is the OH 1 in a 0.0001 M solution of HCl?

From the equilibrium of water dissociation, kW is equal to the product of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions. The hydrogen ion concentration is 1x10^(-4). Hence, at 298 K, the hydroxyl ion concentration would be 1x10^(-10).

How would you prepare 17.2 L of a 3.8 M HCl solution?

First get moles HCl, then get the grams HCl. Molarity = moles of solute/Liters of solution 3.8 M HCl = X moles/17.2 Liters = 65.36 moles HCl ===so, 65.36 moles HCl (36.458 grams/1 mole HCl) = 2382.89 grams HCl ==and, put this amount, 2382.89 grams, 65.36 moles HCl into the 1 ( Full Answer )