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green pepper seeds are too immature to grow. The pepper must first mature and turn red, then when you use it just save the seeds inside

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What is the Yield of green pepper plant?

what is the avarage yeild of a green pepper

What part of the plant does the green pepper come from?

Green pepper is the fruit of the pepper plant and as all fruits comes from the ovule of the flower.

What does a green pepper plant look like?

Click on the link to see what a green pepper plant looks like.

What part of the green pepper plant do you eat?

The part of the green pepper plant you eat is the fruit.

Scientific name of herbal plant pepper?

Black Pepper is: Piperaceae, Piper nigrum, The red/green/chili/etc. pepper is capsicum.

What is the smallist plant?

Fresh Water Green Algae

Green pepper plant?

Most peppers are green. As they ripen many will turn red. Bell Boy is a very popular green pepper. It also turns red when fully ripe.

Why should you plant more plants?

We should plant more plants to make our environment more green & fresh. So that we can breathe in fresh & green environment. It will make us healthy & wealthy.

How do you grow a green pepper plant?

Take a plant seed. Put it in soil and water and when you see it starting to bloom, take it and plant it in a garden.

Is bell pepper the same as green pepper?

Yes, bell peppers and green bell peppers come from the same plant. Often, green bell peppers are just red, yellow, or orange peppers that have yet to ripen.

What domain green pepper belong to?

The green pepper is a plant, and all plants belong to the taxonomic domain of Eukarya.Eukarya covers all organisms in the Kingdom Plantae, as well as the Kingdoms Animalia, Fungi and Protista.

Scientific name of pepper leaf?

There is no specific name given to the leaf of the pepper plant. It also depends which pepper you are refering to, "Pepper" is a common name and could mean one of two totally distinct plants. The botanical name for the Black pepper plant - the kind you use on the table is Piper nigrum. The botanical name for the Green and Red pepper plants is Capsicum, the species depends on the specific variety of pepper.

How do you classify the mushroom?

i can classify mushroom as a non-green plant. It cannot prepare its own food.....

What is used as bait by the elephant poachers?

i think it might be green fresh leaves and plant

What part if the plant does black pepper come from?

Black pepper comes from the fruit of the plant.

What is the job structure of chloroplast?

The job of the chloroplast is to prepare the food for a plant cell and is in the form of a green pigment.

What are the different types of plant seeds?

Chili , Cucumber , Bitter Gourd , Eggplant , Tomato , Pea , Potato , Corn , Carrot , Pumpkin , Radish , Brussels Spout , Onion , Lettuce , Green Pepper , Red Pepper , Yellow Pepper

What are the smallest plants?

The smallest plant is the uni-cellular Fresh Water Green Algae (Chlamydomonas genus).

What is bryophyte?

A bryophyte is a small green plant. It is flowerless and it comprises the liverworts and mosses in fresh bodies of water.

Is pepper a fungi?

If you mean the kind of pepper that comes in a pepper shaker, then no, it is not a fungus. Pepper comes from the dried berries of a pepper plant. The pepper plant is a sort of vine. The dried pepper berries are sometime called, "Peppercorns". They are ground up and used as a spice on food.

How does pepper effect plant growth?

Pepper actually repels insects that eat the plant and is beneficial in that way

How much water do you give to a pepper plant?

Give a pepper plant about 3/5 pint of water.

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