How do you prevent and treat frostbite?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you prevent and treat frostbite?
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Is dantrium used to prevent or relieve the effects of frostbite?


How can frostbite be prevented?

Frostbite can be prevented by keeping the skin in all areas warm. You can also prevent frostbite by covering the skin or by constantly rubbing the areas that start to go numb.

What do you do if you touch dry ice?

You get someone to treat you for third-degree frostbite.

What should you do to treat foot with frostbite?

Place it in warm water and seek proper medical attention.

Frostbite on the face How do I treat it preventativly so it doesn't blister as badly?

i dontknow extactly what your asking but frostbite does not go on the face. you can get frostbite on your nose but not your face. if somehow which is odd you get frostbite on your face it will turn red, get itchy, and be hard. then it will get puffy and in some parts turn black. to prevent this maybe you should wear one of those warm cozy facemasks that are for winter for you to wear or just stop staying in the cold so much and wear ear muffs and a hat maybe heat warmers bye and hoped this help.

What is the evolutionary reason for northern dogs to have a curled tail?

Possibly to help prevent frostbite on the ends of their tails. If the tails were straight, they wouldn't be as close to the body, and wouldn't be kept as warm, preventing frostbite. Frostbite, if severe enough, and if not treated, can lead to gangrene, resulting in death.

Why must the man stop and build a second fire?

Because he wants a second fire... Or... to prevent frostbite...

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