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  • If possible, avoid whatever it is that triggers you Asthma.

  • You need to work with your doctor to determine the right combination of medications for you. Asthma can be very well controlled with daily medications to where you rarely have to use a rescue inhaler even if you're around triggers or exercise.
  • There are therapists who teach classes to teach people (children included) how to breath properly during an asthma attack. Most people panic. It's training the person not to panic and to learn to calm down and start breathing properly or leaning over the side of a sofa to ease the lungs. People who have several asthma attacks should sleep with their pillow propped up slightly, or, they should sleep on one side during the night with a pillow behind their back, then shift over to the other side and do the same thing. This is easier to do with children and harder to do for adults. It is also advisable for children and adults alike to have an air purifier in their bedroom and no pets in the room.
  • Practice Pranayama. It is a breathing exercise. Or exercise regularly. Eat healthy non-oil food, drink lots of water. It's as simple as eat healthy, be healthy.
  • Medications like Advair are used as preventatives to asthma also know what your personal triggers are such as a change in medicine could result in an attack,different people have different triggers (ones could be mold another could be humidity)talk to your asthma specialist about your triggers so you can be aware of them and reduce future attacks.pets are NOT bad for your asthma UNLESS you are allergic to that type of pet, many people get this confused. do not use your rescue inhaler more often or else it wont do anything the most you can do is two puffs every four hours or so. If you are still having a lot of trouble after about 20 minutes go to the hospital.
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Asthma can be difficult for some people to manage and control. First, it's vital to use your long-term meds every day. These meds typically control inflammation that contributes to asthma attacks. Make sure you keep an up-to-date rescue inhaler and use it as directed. Do not exceed recommended doses. If your meds do not control your symptoms, talk to your doctor. There are many new med combinations that work well, but you might need to try a few before finding what helps you the most.

You're right to ask about prevention tactics. So second, know your triggers. Allergens, dust, cigarette smoke, chemicals, chemical and perfumed odors, cooking odors, etc. are all known asthma triggers. Some people with COPD--of which asthma is as a chronic lung condition--are triggered by cold air or other so-called minor irritant. Drinking barely lukewarm water can be a trigger, while ice cold water or hot drnks trigger less often.

Third, avoid places you know might have triggers. Some people resort to wearing a 'dust mask' when outside on windy days. Other people put a scarf around the nose and mouth. Humified air, versus dry air, can help keep the airway moist. Drier air, especially inside during cold months, can dry the mucous membranes and trigger coughs that lead to an attack.

Fouth, have a doctor evaluate you for GERD, or acid reflux, and sinusitis. Both can produce annoying chronic cough that can set off an asthma attack.

Fifth, avoid people with colds and respiratory flu. Asthma makes you more prone to bronchitis and pneumonia. Always seek treatment if your asthma changes, worsens, or you have new symptoms.

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Q: How do you prevent asthma attacks?
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How can you reduce asthma?

There are a lot of things you can do to help prevent getting asthma attacks. See related links.

What are antiasthmatic drugs?

Antiasthmatic drugs are medicines that treat or prevent asthma attacks.

What can cause disorders of the lunus like cancer or asthma?

Things that can cause disorders of the lunas like cancer or asthma are allergies to dust,mold,or pollen. Avoiding these things can help prevent asthma attacks. Doctors can prescribe medication to help prevent asthma attacks. With good medical care,a person with asthma can lead a normal life.

How do you cure asmtha?

You can't cure asthma, because of its genetic underline. This disease can be only be controled with long term medications, to prevent asthma attacks.

Can you predict asthma attacks?

I have asthma and I can't predict if I'm going to have an asthma attack that day but if i wake up and my chest is tight then I make sure to take it easy in any activities to prevent an asthma attack

When do asthma attacks occur?

asthma attacks occur when the brochial tubes start to narrow.

How do you get asthma attacks?

they get out of breath

Can Push-ups reduce Asthma attacks?

No, the physical exercise of push ups cannot reduce asthma attacks. To help reduce asthma attacks a person can consume some caffeine.

How bad can asthma get?

People have died from bad asthma attacks.

What is the purpose of corticosteroids?

Corticosteroids block the inflammation that narrows the airways. Used regularly, these drugs will help prevent asthma attacks. Those attacks that do occur will be less severe.

Whom did the war guilt cause blame for causing the world war 1?

help prevent your child's asthma attacks

Is asthma curable?

No, asthma is uncurable, but can be managed. Taking medications every day can help prevent asthma attacks. Even though asthma is uncurable, but sometimes in dormant. Just remember to take drug treatments and medications every day, and you'll be fine!Asthma is not curable.

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