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you can prevent foot blisters by wearing good and comftorble shoes that fit.there are medicines to prevent them and a pedicure is supposed to help.

IN ADDITION:Blisters are formed by a chafing or rubbing action. If you get a blister in the same place everytime, get a material that's called moleskin. Its like a bandaid but keeps the shoe from rubbing the foot. Another thing to do is wear wool socks. They are thicker than cotton and will pull moisture away from the feet. If the shoes are leather, do what the cowboys used to do. Soak them in water for 48 hours and wear them till they dry out. They will stretch and conform to your feet.
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Q: How do you prevent foot blisters?
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Can Riding gloves prevent blisters?


Riding gloves can?

to prevent from your hands from getting blisters and to get a better grip on the reins. The answer on howrse is: prevent you from getting blisters and to get a better grip on reins.

Can athletes foot cause blisters?


What does it mean to have blisters on the bottom of your foot?

you have aids.

What can a person do to help prevent blisters?

A person can wear moisture wicking socks which decrease friction. Friction between the foot and the shoe is what creates the blister after running .

Is vinegar good for a burn with blisters?

It can prevent the blisters from forming; once they have formed it is not helpful. See the Related Links.

How do you prevent blisters?

wear cotton free socks

What were the symptoms of trench foot?

Blisters and open sores are some of the symptoms of trench foot.

How do you take care of the foot sores and blisters on a guinea pig's foot?

Take it to the vet

What are the symptoms of dracunculus medinensis?

The symptoms are blisters on the lower extremity (foot).

What can you use to heal your tongue from blisters?

Fruit by the foot!

What products prevent blisters?

Grocery stores or pharmacies sell products that reduce and prevent blisters before they get much aggressive. check in with your local pharmacy to get the best product for that.

How do you prevent getting blisters?

The only way to prevent blisters is to put something between yourself and whatever it is you think will cause a blister. For example, wear gloves when using a rake for a long period of time.

Should you go swmming with foot blisters?

No, You should not go swimming with Blisters on your feet because the Clorox in the pool will sting your feet badly :/

What are these red bumps on your foot that have fluid then drain?

Most likely blisters.

How do you prevent blisters from shoes?

go barefoot, buy different shoes, cut off the part of the shoe that is giving you blisters, wear a band-aid.

How do you stop blisters?

To stop blisters, prevent skin from rubbing on any article of clothing or shoes. A person can also limit sun exposure and chemicals.

How can I prevent my feet from getting blisters from my flip flops?

You can buy good flip flops to prevent your feet from getting blisters from your lip flops, You should also avoid walking in them too much and apply lotion if necessary.

Does the first genital herpes outbreak always cause blisters?

Not exactly blisters are caused my wrinkles in your socks, when your foot rubs against the shoe etc...

What is the purpose for Riding gloves?

Riding gloves give grip and prevent blisters

Why do people get blisters after using figure skates?

The shoes are tight, and with movement there is friction or rubbing of foot agains the interior of the skate. The friction or rubbing causes blisters.

Do you wear liner socks in your ski boots?

Liner socks are designed to transport moisture away from your foot into the outer socks. They keep feet dry, warm and help prevent blisters. A trusted performer for years.

How do you stop getting blisters?

If they are on your heels or feet you can prevent them by wearing and changing your socks daily. If you get blisters on certain spots because of sneakers, you may want to get a new pair, or just put a band aid there, even if there is not a blister at the time. It will prevent them.

Why the symptoms of hand foot mouth disease occur in hand foot and mouth?

you may find that animals will have blisters at the mouth and on the hooves

What did trench foot do?

Trench foot would cause blisters and open sores on the soldiers foot. Often fungal infections would set in and gangrene if left untreated.